Adaptive Project Framework is not your Father’s Project Management

We all agree that projects are unique. They will never happen again under the same set of circumstances or conditions. Given that, wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect the management of those projects to also be unique?

The world doesn’t stand still just because you are managing a project. That is one reason why requirements cannot possibly be completely documented at the initiation phase of a project. Whatever management approach you choose to use for your project must be adaptable to changing conditions. Traditional project management models are poorly equipped to accommodate change.

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About the Author

Robert K. Wysocki, Ph.D., has more than forty years of experience as a project management consultant and trainer, information systems manager, systems and management consutant, author, and training developer and provider. His sixteen books on project and IT management include the PMI-recommended Effective Project Management, Fifth Edition (Wiley, 2009). In 1990, Robert founded Enterprise Information Insights, Inc. (EII), a consulting and training practice that specializes in helping large organizations run projects more effectively. His clients range from AT&T and Aetna to the U.S. Army Signal Corps, Wal-Mart, and Wells Fargo.

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  1. Fiona
    Fiona says:

    This post is quite well. As you mentioned the core values related to the project management and also included its coverage and all. I found it good. Right now, I am using the another best version about the project management it is called ProofHub ( As you can see in it more about the coverage and framework of project management.

  2. Abhishek Raj
    Abhishek Raj says:

    This list has quite good tools. But also consider using Peppyprojects, it’s a great tool, and I’m using it for many years. A comprehensive tool for all project management tasks. It helped our team to collaborate easily and increased our team productivity.


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