How to Bring in Remote Workers

StrategyDriven Talent Management ArticleRemote work is being spoken about more and more as the years go by. You may have already heard of this term in passing, if not know someone who is a remote worker. Some choose the lifestyle as a result of the convenience and comforts of working at home, while others may choose it given the fact that they often travel from place-to-place.

The fact is, remote work is advantageous to businesses. The question then becomes, as a business, how do you bring in remote workers? There is a three-step process this article will outline. First, the hiring process, followed by the day-to-day communication tactics and lastly the ‘meet up.’

Hiring process

The very first step to bringing in remote workers requires you to hire them. Throughout the process, you must keep in mind to look for people who would be cut out for remote work. There are certain qualities to look out for – such as self-starters and good writers, both required skills for a successful remote work career. The same way your company would hire a prospective employee; you must start sending out online applications so that people can apply for the remote work. Ask questions during the online application process such as ‘why is remote work a good fit for you?’ Eventually, you will find the right person for the job.

Using technology

By nature of the name, a remote worker will not be in the office to complete their work. That brings you to factor number two – using technology to bring the worker into the office. Who says they have to physically be there? Using technology to communicate with one another on a daily basis is just as effective as if everyone were in the room together. Facetime, Skype, pick up the phone or keep in constant contact via email. It will seem as if the worker is in the office, only via technology. It’s the way of the future!

Technology will also be used to coordinate work between those in the office and those that are working remotely. Turn to an organization such as, as they can provide safe and secure cloud hosting for your company. A Vcloud Director will, for instance, offer various beneficial features for the company to manage their own private cloud system.

A physical meet up

Now that you have hired remote workers and are bringing them into the office every day via technology, there comes the physical meet up portion. It is true that a remote worker does not work in an office, nor do they follow the 9-5 routine necessarily. That being said, there should be at least one time a year that everyone working for that company meets up in a location! This will be beneficial to building employee relationships.

Remote work is slowly becoming a more predominant career choice given that it is talked about more now than it ever was before. This is also partly due to the fact that more companies are thinking about hiring remote workers. The numerous steps you must take to hire a remote worker are not so different from hiring someone to work in the office. You must consider how they will fit in with the company, as well as consider having them connected to the company via technology and even the potential for a meet-up at some point between everyone.

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