There is No Tradeoff With BYOD

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has been portrayed as an impasse for organizations that must make tradeoffs between maintaining security and invading employee privacy.
This is an illusion — there is no tradeoff when you take the right approach to BYOD.

As a relatively young field spurred on by the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets, the BYOD space is in the process of reaching a common paradigm. In the meantime, organizations struggle to navigate a forest of mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and other BYOD approaches that claim comparable benefits but don’t achieve them the same way.
Given the buzz and crowdedness of this field, some organizations simply don’t implement a BYOD solution, believing the medicine might be worse than the disease. This thinking is flawed and actually elevates the risk of data leaks, cybercrime and intellectual property theft.

A multi-persona approach to BYOD achieves the ideal balance of security and privacy, cost and flexibility, and choice for employees while overcoming the drawbacks of other BYOD approaches. With a multi-persona approach, there is no tradeoff.

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