6 Steps to Prevent Construction Site Theft

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article | 6 Steps to Prevent Construction Site Theft

In the construction industry, projects may take up to months or even years to complete. It is common to leave work equipment and tools at the site. While the areas are left unsupervised in the evening after everyone leaves, construction and building materials can be stolen from the sites by anyone, more so heavy equipment. Construction site theft is a significant problem for companies in the industry. Statistics reports show that nearly $1 billion is lost annually through construction site theft with less than 20% of the stolen equipment recovered. With the broad range of risks, investing in a robust site security strategy is essential to combat theft and help you mitigate a potential financial loss. Below are ways your business or company can keep your critical equipment safe.

Install Strong Walls and Fencing

Putting up a fence creates additional security around your construction site keeping your equipment safe. Fencing may not keep everyone at bay, but having one entry point may ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the site.

Lock Away Tools and Materials

Ensure all tools and materials are securely locked in safe storage space, especially for small hand tools. Leaving your items sitting around anywhere is quite tempting, especially if you have to use them again the following morning but do not fall into that temptation. Store your equipment nicely after use to lower the chances of them missing.

Invest in Commercial Security Systems

Camera and video-based surveillance systems that provide a visual of the construction site are excellent solutions. The system should be specially designed for your site to allow constant monitoring for accidents, vandalism, or theft. Ensure your video surveillance is supplemented with audio analytics and motion detectors to alert virtual or on-site security personnel of potential intrusions.

As you install your security cameras, ensure they are positioned in a way that gives you a clear view of your entire site. In addition to the surveillance system, an intense alarm is vital in creating secure construction sites and preventing theft. Modern alarms are mobile and wireless, making them easy to install. Alerts can be sent to your smartphone by the providers. Alternatively, the providers can assess the nature of the breach and can alert the authorities or you. Hiring a trained security guard to keep an eye on your site makes it more secure.

Put up Signs

Simple signs like ‘’No Trespassing’’ OR ‘’No Unauthorized Personnel’’ can prevent unauthorized people from entering your premises or site. Ensure the signs are visible during the daytime and nighttime. For easier visibility of the signs indicators at night, ensure adequate lighting around them and generally around the site.

Keep a Record of All Purchases

For every piece of equipment used on the site, ensure you have a detailed record, including the serial numbers. Should there be a theft, the documents make it easier for you to file a report with the police and law enforcement to recover your items. Additionally, it makes it harder for someone to resell your equipment.

Track Your Tools

Label your equipment correctly and put a tracking device, especially the costly machinery and tools. QR codes are a practical and straightforward option, but you can also use a microchip tracking system that is a little sophisticated. Both features allow you to manage your tools on a smartphone. The tracking system is crucial if you have to claim insurance in case of burglary.

Final remarks

No construction site is entirely immune to burglary and theft. Several ways can help you prevent theft at your site, and the above are just some of them. Go ahead and implement them and make sure theft prevention at your construction site is effective.

The Importance of Workplace Safety: A Guide for Employers

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article | The Importance of Workplace Safety: A Guide for Employers

Workplace safety is a critical concern that affects both employers and employees. Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment is essential for preventing accidents, injuries, and other incidents that can have severe consequences for workers and organizations. Accidents and injuries in the workplace can lead to lost productivity, increased costs, and legal problems, making it essential for employers to take proactive steps to promote workplace safety. To effectively prevent accidents and injuries, employers must implement effective programs and practices designed to identify and mitigate risks, provide training and resources to employees, and encourage a safety culture. Employers can protect their workers, reduce risk, and improve their overall safety performance by investing in workplace safety.

The Role of ISN Compliance in Promoting Workplace Safety

ISN Compliance is a program that helps employers ensure the safety and compliance of their contractors and suppliers. Developed by ISN, a leading provider of supply chain risk management and compliance solutions, ISN Compliance includes a range of tools and resources that help organizations identify, assess, and mitigate risks in their supply chain. To participate in the ISN Compliance program, contractors and suppliers must complete training programs, pass assessments, and follow specific policies and procedures.

The requirements of ISN Compliance are designed to help contractors and suppliers meet the highest standards for safety and compliance, which can positively impact workplace safety. By ensuring that contractors and suppliers meet these requirements, employers can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on their worksites and protect their workers and the public.

Implementing an Effective Workplace Safety Program

To promote workplace safety, employers need to implement an effective workplace safety program. This can involve various steps, including identifying potential hazards and risks, establishing safety policies and procedures, and providing training and resources to employees. Employers should also consider implementing safety technology and equipment, such as safety guards and barriers, personal protective equipment, and emergency response systems.

There are also several best practices that employers can follow to maintain a safe work environment. These include conducting regular safety inspections and audits, promoting safety awareness and education, and encouraging employees to report hazards and incidents.

Managing and Monitoring Workplace Safety

Employers can use various tools and resources to effectively manage and monitor workplace safety. These may include safety management software, incident reporting systems, and safety training programs. ISN Compliance can also be vital for tracking and improving workplace safety. It provides a range of resources and support for employers looking to reduce risk and improve compliance in their supply chain.

Workplace safety is an essential consideration for any organization, as it directly impacts employees’ well-being and the business’s overall success. By implementing effective workplace safety programs and utilizing resources like ISN Compliance, employers can take proactive steps to protect their workers, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and improve their safety performance. In addition, these efforts can lead to several benefits, including increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced reputation. Therefore, investing in workplace safety and compliance programs is a smart business decision that can pay dividends in the long run. Employers who prioritize workplace safety and compliance will protect their workers and reduce risk and position themselves for continued success in a competitive business environment.

How to Maintain a Secure Business Premises

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article | How to Maintain a Secure Business Premises

Security is crucial for commercial business premises. Even if the business is located in a low-crime area, it is important to secure the premises out of hours, and if you operate in a sensitive field, 24/7 security might be needed.

There are lots of options to consider, depending on how much security you need. Read on for a guide to the main things to look at.


Perimeter fencing is important. This can be decorative as well as secure, so don’t assume one negates the other. Think about the level of security you need before hiring a commercial fencing Chesterfield contractor.

Do you store expensive equipment on the site? If so, the fencing needs to reflect this. Look at security fencing that offers superior strength, such as chain link fencing or decorative steel fencing. Anti-climb fencing is useful if you want to deter people from climbing over it.

You may also need fencing to keep people from straying into some areas of your site.


Gates keep unwanted visitors out but it’s also important to have a way of controlling the traffic flow if you have a steady stream of clients, visitors, and employees arriving and leaving all day and night. This applies to larger premises, such as factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. There are lots of different designs, including swinging and sliding gates.

Secure access control systems are a good solution. If a gate control system is installed, it will make life easier for the gate operator. Their job is to verify the credentials of anyone entering the premises, so it is helpful if they can open and close the gate using an electronic mechanism.

All gates should be lockable and secure when the premises are closed.


Security lighting will help to keep your business premises secure by shining a light on anyone trying to gain entry. Most intruders don’t want their actions to be visible to anyone passing by. Bright lights make it much harder for someone to break in.

Fix bright lights around the permitter and over any doors. Motion-controlled security lights use less energy if you don’t want lights blazing all night. Be vigilant for lighting blackspots and make sure all lights are well maintained, so bulbs are replaced when they burn out.

Security Cameras

Modern security systems are very sophisticated and unobtrusive. With the right system, you can have a live feed transmitted to a remote device and uploaded to the cloud. This way, the premises can be monitored and protected at all times, without on-site security staff.

Speak to an expert to view your options.

On-Site Security Personnel

There may be a need for on-site security personnel patrolling the premises outside of operating hours or 24/7, depending on the nature of your business. If you go with this option, make sure you provide welfare facilities for your team, where they can monitor cameras and keep warm.

There are plenty of ways to keep commercial premises secure. Choose the best option for your budget and business type.

Don’t Delay Justice – 5 Mistakes To Avoid Post Car Accident

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article | Don't Delay Justice - 5 Mistakes To Avoid Post Car Accident

It doesn’t matter whether you have been in a minor car accident or in a major crash with another vehicle, it is very crucial that you take certain steps to not just mitigate your loss but also to ensure that you get compensation for your damages from the party at fault. It is going to be a little difficult to remember these things, especially when you are disoriented after a car crash. There will be a lot of things to deal with later on such as medical bills, lost wages, repair costs of your vehicle, and a lot more. But all of that can be managed well enough if you do not make the mistakes that this blog talks about after your car accident. Let’s discuss them in detail right now:

1. Admitting Your Fault

If you do this, you will be jeopardizing your car accident case yourself. But it is important to refrain from saying “I am sorry” or apologizing to the other driver under any circumstances. If it is a minor car accident and if both parties agree to apologize to each other and move on with their lives, that is a different thing. However, if it is a serious injury whether it is sustained on your body or the other person’s, things are going to change significantly for both of you. This is where you will need the support of a legal advisor or car accident attorney. Remember, it is never a good idea to apologize because that amounts to admitting that you are at fault.

2. Leaving The Car Accident Scene

If you do this, it is going to leave no room for imagination for anyone. Everybody is going to think that you were responsible for the accident and this is why you fled the scene of the car crash. This is not a good approach to take. In fact, you are supposed to stay at the scene of the car accident for as long as you can and collect evidence in the form of pictures and videos after your accident. In most cases, it will be that you cannot leave the scene of the accident because you are probably injured or temporarily disabled due to physical and emotional trauma. It is better to try to come back to your senses and record footage of the place if you can.

3. Forgetting To Call The Police

Whether it is a big accident or a small one, it is important to call the police or local law enforcement officers in your area. The place will be able to pick up important clues from the site of the accident that can help you claim damages for your loss. They will be able to record all the evidence and put together a file for your benefit. It also helps you create a record of the entire incident so that your traffic accident lawyer can refer to it at a later stage to verify his observations if you finally decide to go to court.

4. Avoiding Seeing A Doctor

Avoiding seeing a doctor is also a very big mistake that a lot of people make. The jury or judge is going to need evidence that you have sat through all the treatments and gone through all the medical procedures that were due. They are critical to recovering from the physical and emotional trauma that you have suffered. It is important to seek prompt medical attention and treatments to recuperate from your accident injuries. This is because the longer you wait to see the doctor the more difficult it will become for your lawyer to prove that your injuries were actually a cause of the accident and not some other ailment or disease.

5. Mistakes In Your Medical Expenses

If you are not good at math, it is better to hand over this responsibility to somebody else in your family. Forgetting to document all the expenses related to your medical treatments and procedures is a very big mistake. You cannot neglect this responsibility because this is going to get you closer to getting your rightful compensation from the party at fault. If you have detailed information about your medical expenses, the insurance adjusters are going to find it easier to calculate the compensation that you should get for your damages.


Finally, if you can avoid all of these mistakes in addition to a few more that your lawyer can talk to you about, it will be easier for you to claim your damages and get back to your life much sooner.

Construction Site Security and Traffic Management: Why Is It Important?

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |Construction Site Security|Construction Site Security and Traffic Management: Why Is It Important?Construction sites and projects pose high risks for workers and people around them. The risk is even higher for construction workers and personnel, facing various safety hazards during operations. Therefore, necessary action, security, and safety must be provided within and outside the construction site.

Moreover, it is well–known that construction sites are busy places, given that construction vehicles like frontloaders, cranes, and the like, are necessary to complete a project. With that, general traffic around residences or commercial areas can be highly affected. Thus, traffic management is necessary to ensure that occurring traffic and area congestion are taken care of, avoiding risk for workers and the public.

Before deciding on any construction project, prioritizing safety plans and efficient management are vital so that any incidents can be avoided during operations. Continue reading to learn more about construction site security, traffic management, and its importance.

Site Security and Traffic Management

Various hazards in the construction site are inevitable. Thus proper safety measures are practiced to ensure that workers and anyone involved in the project are provided with adequate security and safety. Site security provides services with professional personnel that help overlook the construction site’s valuable materials and equipment.

The service commonly comes with advanced equipment and technology like visual surveillance cameras or mirrors to ensure that the premises are well-secured from damage or theft. Traffic control and management services, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining the safety of workers and the general public from moving construction vehicles.

These construction vehicles are used to load and unload, tow massive materials, dig, dump debris, and perform many other functions. Traffic control services create proper planning and management, encompassing site routes to ensure that construction vehicles and pedestrians can move around safely.

On average, according to the International Labor Organization, construction sites have over 60,000 fatal cases recorded worldwide. That estimated number of incidents can run in a span of 10 minutes. Countries having the highest construction occupational injuries include China, the U.S., South Korea, United Kingdom, to name a few.

Particularly in the U.S., construction industries showed the highest workplace deaths and injuries due to more than a thousand construction accidents recorded in 2020. The highest causes include vehicular construction incidents, falls, slips, object or equipment-related, exposure to harmful substances, and many others. America has hundreds of site security and traffic control services in Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, etc.

Moreover, in Australia, the construction industry is included in the country’s top three most fatal industries. In 2019, more than a hundred fatal cases involved the construction industry. Common causes include falling objects, falling from heights, vehicle collisions, electricity contact, moving machinery, and others.

Australia has more than 17,000 Site Security & Traffic Control services, mainly available in locations like New South Wales, Sydney, Perth, etc., that are safety focused and accredited to perform construction control and security measures.

Importance of Site Security

Efficient site security is a necessity in the construction industry. As mentioned, large material and equipment investments are present in every construction project.

Given the value of these resources, necessary site security is needed to ensure that these resources are protected from damages during and after work hours. Some other importance of site security include the following:

  • Professional site security can help improve project morale and productivity in the workplace. If workers feel secure and protected, including the site and materials they work on, they are more likely to do their job without interruptions.
  • Hiring site security decreases the cost of liabilities. Site security can make sure that every worker is with utmost protection from incidents that can cause serious accidents. Most site securities provide insurance to complement the service should there be unfortunate events that might happen during the watch of their personnel.

Importance of Traffic Management

Protecting workers and pedestrians is the primary purpose of having traffic management services. As mentioned, construction vehicles can come in and out of the site to perform multiple operations and functions in the construction process. Thus, traffic control and management actively ensure that pedestrians and private vehicles are separated and away from the construction site.

Traffic management also includes proper procedures and instructions for traffic controls and emergencies. Moreover, it helps minimize or eliminate vehicle-related risks by ensuring that necessary traffic signs are present and that a traffic management plan is effectively implemented throughout the construction project’s reach.

Traffic management plans commonly include marked direct routes, exclusion zones, and specific parking areas for workers and site visitors. These traffic control and management companies continuously implement management plans, monitor, and adjust to what fits better to the needs of construction projects.


Construction projects require a safe and secure space for workers and others involved in the operations. Thus, it is crucial that hiring the right site security and traffic management should be the priority. Securing proper security and traffic plan management can show accountability and preparedness in the construction sites, which equates to giving importance and taking responsibility for the workers’ safety and well-being.