Ever Wonder What Your Customers Wish You Knew?

It’d be great if we could read minds but, unfortunately, that just isn’t possible. But whose mind would you read first if you had the chance? Hopefully, you’d jump at the chance to be able to read your customers’ minds. After all, if you are able to offer them everything that they want, then you can guarantee their loyal custom for years to come.

Reading your customers’ minds is impossible, but if you’ve ever wondered what your customers wish you knew, you should keep reading. We’ve done some research and have uncovered some wishes from the general public.

Quality Is More Important Than Speed

When it comes to the products that they buy, the majority of consumers agree that the quality is a lot more important than speed. Sure, it’s nice to get a product delivered to your door the day after you order it, but if it isn’t up to scratch then there is a high chance that it will be sent back. So, to make sure you don’t have to give out too many refunds, you should always prioritize quality over speed. Slightly increase your delivery times if it means you can improve the quality of your products.

They Have A Short Attention Span

Your customers might not want to admit it, but they don’t have particularly long attention spans. Not when it comes to deciding which company to do business with anyway. So, you shouldn’t overload your website with too much content. Otherwise, you might end up compromising on the overall user experience of your website. Keep content slick and concise so that you get all the information you need in it, and so it doesn’t overwhelm your customers when they visit your site.

Customers Love Things That Are Personalized

Did you know that customers absolutely love personalized products and services? It’s true! In fact, a few different research groups and studies have shown that most customers are will to pay as much as 25% more for products and services that are personalized. So, it really is worth trying to see if there are any ways you can personalize your products. This doesn’t mean writing names on all the things you sell – if your customer service team use a customer’s first name when addressing them, then you should find that this personal service goes down very well.

They Want To Hear Stories

Customers are very bored of traditional marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. I’m sure you are as well! However, there is a current trend for telling stories through advertising. That means setting up a large-scale advertising campaign in which each individual advert makes up a larger story. A story can hold the public’s attention much better, and they will feel a lot more involved with the campaign in general.

So, as you can see, there is plenty that your customers wish you knew. Hopefully, if you take advantage of the above points, your business will reach more of the public and can vastly increase your client and customer base.

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