The benefits of getting out of the office

It might feel safe behind that desk, but there’s nothing quite like getting out into the world and just getting things done at your own pace. The office may have everything that you think you need, but you might be amazed by the mental adjustment that occurs when you step into the outside world. Between fresh air and natural light, as well as more control over your working day, there are a number of reasons that make it worthwhile to escape the cubicle. Here then are the top reasons to unchain yourself from the safety of your desk and head to the outside world.

Face-to-face interaction

Of course you can have meetings in a virtual manner, utilizing chatrooms and group video call facilities to make it easier for everyone to be involved no matter where they are. However, there is a lot of difference between seeing a face on a screen and actually being face-to-face. The level of communication changes, and more attention is paid when the person we’re talking is in front of us. There are even suggestions that face-to-face meetings garner more positive results overall, so the benefits far outweigh the tired alternative of yet another Skype meeting.


There’s little worse than constantly refreshing your inbox as you wait for a vital email to land. Often it’s hard to work out what could be taking so long to answer such a simple question, but of course you have no idea what’s happening at the other end of that high-speed internet connection. However, getting out and about means that you can get problems solved and have questions answered in real time, and there’s nothing better than that.

The change of scenery

Stepping outside can do wonders for your creativity and energy levels, which means that getting out of the office is as beneficial to your working life as replying to that errant email you’ve been putting off all afternoon. No matter how open-plan your office and no matter how much natural light there is, nothing beats a bit of fresh air for getting the brain active.

The journey is the reward

Physically traveling to a meeting gives you time to mentally prepare yourself for the discussions ahead. A car journey, whether you’re off to meet a client or if it’s an in-house board meeting, is proven to clear the mind of clutter and can help to re-energize you. Of course, with all of this traveling you’re going to have to make sure your vehicle is up to scratch, and if you haul a trailer, then you need to have access to trailer spares in case of emergencies. It’s worth keeping some in your car, just in case.

The best thing about getting out of the office is that it doesn’t have to be for a long period of time. Schedule a walking meeting rather than a sit-down meeting as usual. That way it’s not just you that benefits from the revitalizing effects of the outside world, and you’ll notice the difference in your team immediately.

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