Essentials That Every Business Owner Should Have

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Business Essentials|Essentials That Every Business Owner Should HaveBecoming a business owner is something that some people stumble upon. On the other hand, some have always known they would own a business one day. Whatever the case, entrepreneurship comes with a significant amount of responsibility that many aren’t often prepared for. There is so much you have to learn to set you on the path to success, and also to ensure you’re protected along the way. While some are business matters, others are legal matters or related to managing people. Here are a few essentials that every business owner should have on that note.


As you likely know, starting a business comes with several risks. Aside from failure, you’re dealing with people virtually and physically every day, so you need to be protected from any unfortunate events by having insurance. There are different types of insurance you should have as a business owner, so you’ll need to determine which are most needed. However, some are mandatory, such as employer insurance and commercial business insurance. Some optional ones worth looking into include general liability, product liability, and auto insurance.

A Good Lawyer

As an entrepreneur, you can’t predict if and when a lawsuit will come your way. For this reason, having access to an experienced and talented lawyer is essential. Getting into legal trouble of any kind can affect your personal life, finances, and your brand. When looking for a lawyer, make sure you do background checks and look for legitimate reviews. In case you need suggestions for a good lawyer, take a look at as you’ll find information on practice areas such as criminal defense, mediation and much more,


As an entrepreneur, having money saved is crucial if you want to have a level of financial stability. You can’t always predict which direction sales will go in, so having a reserve helps. Every month, put a specified amount in your savings account so that you can pull from it on rainy days. As you won’t be getting pensions from your workplace if you’re a full-time business owner, you should also have a retirement plan in place.

A Simplified Employee Pension IRA is ideal if you’re a sole proprietor as it’s easy to manage and annual fees are relatively low. There is also the Individual 401(k) if you want to build your retirement account quickly and have large amounts to contribute.

An Accountant

Unless you happen to be a star accountant on your own, hiring one could be a good investment. The slightest financial mistakes could have a ripple effect on your finances and put you in a bad place. Your accountant can help keep your books in order as well as make sure you’re keeping expenses as low as possible. They should also help you stay up-to-date with your taxes so that you aren’t owing money. When you’re on the lookout for an accountant, make sure they have sufficient amounts of experience and make clear work arrangements to avoid misunderstandings later on.

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