Is Your Company Safe?

This is a question you should be asking yourself all the time. Your company is never safe, and that is something you should always remember, but can you keep your company safe? Yes you can. All you need to do is know what areas you might be most vulnerable at. Everyone is always so focused on the strengths of their business, but the weaknesses are often where safety issues might lie. So we’re here to explore why your company might not be as safe as you think it is.


Whenever everyone thinks about crime, theft, or damage, they usually think about the physical things in life that can happen. But one of the main ways that businesses will fall under attack is through cybercrime. It is important to remember that all businesses now run through the internet, or nearly all of them. For example, a marketing company will have a database that is storing thousands of details of different companies. This could just be a name and address, or it could include bank details as well. This is what hackers are after. Sometimes they don’t even steal the information to do anything with it, they just do it to send the company into a frenzy. Theft of information, whether it be the companies fault or not, is a breach of data protection. This in turn can open a whole new can of worms that will leave your company in the dirt. Make sure you have strong encryptions on your website, and make sure you’re changing login passwords monthly, if not more regularly.

Office Safety

Again, something not a lot of people seem to consider. Just like a house, and office is going to contain thousands worth of technological goods, information, and equipment. All it takes is one person to decide your office is their target, and you could have every part of your business put on hold. Using a security guard company to protect your office should be the first step you take. Even if you’re in a managed office space, you can still hire an external company to protect the office you’re in. It is important to remember that thieves won’t necessarily wait until everyone is gone to do the deed. If you have something in your office that they really want, they’ll take it no matter what. Not only will this put your business in jeopardy, but your employees safety too.

Keep Your Ideas Quiet

Theft of business ideas is so common. There was a recent article in the news that claimed even business giants such as Donald Trump stole ideas from small entrepreneurs trying to get funding from him. So what does this mean you need to do? Trademark your business, and copyright any idea you have, even if you’re not planning on implementing it any time soon. It just means that the law is protecting your from the potential of having everything stolen! Make sure you keep your ideas to yourself as well, even if it is something you’re proud of. One of the main ways ideas get stolen is due to word of mouth, and that mouth might be someone you thought you could trust.

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