How Can a Colour Theme Affect Overall Mood In The Workplace

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Colour in the Workplace|How Can a Colour Theme Affect Overall Mood In The WorkplaceCreating the perfect office space is completely subjective when it comes to office reception furniture or other design elements, however, colour is something that can greatly influence productivity and the level of creativity that is experienced throughout the day. In this article, we will be looking into how colour can affect the mood in the workplace and create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone to work in.

Blue For Calming

Blue is a calming colour that is perfect for the workspace as it is known as the productive colour. It not only helps to increase productivity, but it helps to promote clam and maintain happiness in the workplace. This is particularly important if you have a workforce that spends long hours in the office as this allows them to stay calm in difficult situations. Whether this is an accent wall in the office or a pop of colour with the chairs, this can all contribute to keeping your office as a warm and welcoming environment.

Yellow Can Stimulate Creativity

If you are looking to create the perfect space for a creative team, adding a pop of yellow can help you to achieve exactly that as it is known to inspire creativity and keep the brain active. This is perfect for a creative space as you are likely to see positive results. This can also be added as an accent colour alongside white walls or another neutral colour to make the office welcoming to visitors as well as practical for your team.

Black Indicates Knowledge

Black is commonly a colour that indicates authority and therefore it is often used in law firms or even London offices. Whether this is a leather sofa in the reception or black furniture, you can encourage professionalism throughout the office whilst creating a welcoming space for your team as well as other members of the team. In addition to this, it can also be used for accent walls or even decals as this will help to make the office welcoming to visitors as well as any potential clients with a professional-looking office space.

Green Prevent Fatigue

Green is a colour that is beneficial in the workplace as it is kind to the eyes. Not only does it look great with other neutral colours, but it does not cause the eyes to become tired, allowing you to create a welcoming space for those that are working long hours a day. Whether this is green furniture, green paint in the lunchroom or even a green tint to a carpet, this can all help to create a workspace that is great for the mood of your employees throughout the day.

Brown Promotes Professionalism

Though brown is an understated colour, it can also be used in moderation to promote professionalism and create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone that steps foot in your office. This can be used in the office for the carpet, as it perfectly complements other natural colours such as green, yellow and red which can all help to increase productivity and help to increase the mood of everyone in the office.

Whether you are looking to move office in the near future, or you have moved recently and are just beginning the interior design process, each of the above points is ideal to help you boost the morale of the office and increase productivity throughout the day. Where will you begin?

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