What to Do When Your Walk in Cooler Isn’t Cooling

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |Walk in Cooler|What to Do When Your Walk in Cooler Isn't CoolingYour business has finally invested in a walk in cooler, and you want to make sure you do everything possible to keep it in great shape. The last thing you want is to have to throw out all of your food, losing hundreds of dollars or more, because the cooler wasn’t working properly.

This post is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Read on to learn the top signs of a problem with your commercial cooler, how you may be able to fix it on your own, and the benefits of letting an expert fix things.

Know the Signs of a Walk In Cooler Problem

First, let’s make sure you know how to spot a likely problem with your walk in cooler refrigeration unit.
Start by checking the door. Does it often get stuck or have trouble completely closing? Can you feel cool air leaking out? If so, you’re losing money and putting your customers’ health in jeopardy by potentially feeding them spoiled food.

Other indications of an issue include excess frost build-up, puddles all over the floor, a leaking ceiling/water stains on walls, and strange smells.

There’s also likely an issue if your walk in cooler starts making clanging and banging noises instead of the standard humming.

Quick Walk In Cooler Troubleshooting Tips

Looking for minor walk in cooler repair tactics you can handle on your own?
First, make sure you establish a system for checking that the doors are properly closed before leaving and that at the end of each day, you look for the above signs.

Melt off any ice buildup on your evaporator, and ensure that the drain line isn’t blocked. It may also be time to clean out the grills, coils, and other panels.

Seal up any obviously loose gaskets on the door. Sometimes, it’s as simple as ensuring that the power wasn’t accidentally turned off. It’s important to learn more about how each part of the unit functions, so you can easily spot an issue.

When in Doubt, Call the Pros

The truth is that most walk in cooler problems aren’t things you can handle yourself.
You may need to call in an electrician, a mechanic, or even a walk in cooler specialist to replace the parts and correctly identify the issue.

Never put off the issue, as doing so could potentially open your restaurant up to a lawsuit. Plus, it’s much more expensive to replace the entire freezer than to have it repaired.

Don’t Put off a Walk In Cooler Problem

We hope this post has helped you to learn how to identify potential issues with your walk in cooler, and that you’ve learned why getting expert help quickly is usually the best option.

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