StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article Why No-one Is Visiting Your Company Website

Why No-one Is Visiting Your Company Website

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article  Why No-one Is Visiting Your Company WebsiteStruggling to attract any traffic to your company website? There could be a number of reasons as to why your site isn’t getting any visitors. Here are some of the most likely reasons as to why people aren’t visiting your site.

You rank low on search engines

Search engines are the top way in which people find local businesses. Most people rarely look beyond the first page – if you don’t show up until page 10 of Google, you’re unlikely to attract many visitors. You can improve your rankings by investing in SEO (search engine optimisation). This involves using a variety of methods to make your site more appealing to search engines. This SEO guide could be worth reading to give you an idea of some of the tactics you can use. Search engines are always changing their algorithms and adding new features, so it can be worth regularly delving into SEO.

You rarely post new content

Keeping content consistently fresh shows people that your company is active and it can help to encourage return visitors by offering something new. Posting new content regularly is also good for your SEO – search engines tend to rank sites higher that are constantly active. The best way to keep your site constantly fresh is to add a blog. Also consider updating testimonials and offering a calendar of events.

Your website isn’t mobile friendly

If your website isn’t compatible on mobile devices, it could be stopping you from getting a lot of visitors. The bulk of internet use in now from mobile users, which is why it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly site. Most sites are automatically mobile compatible – the only exception may be very old sites that haven’t been updated for a while.

Your website takes ages to load

It’s possible that people may be visiting your website but leaving before it had a chance to fully load. This is likely to be because of a slow loading rate. Sites can load slowly for a number of reasons – it could be the server you’re using or it could be because you’re using lots of plug-ins and high-resolution images. This guide on how to speed up your site could be worth reading to help fix this problem.

Your aren’t advertising your website enough

There are so many websites out there that it can be difficult for people to simply stumble across your site. Advertising your site can help to raise exposure and increase traffic. PPC ads and email marketing are the main way to advertise your site online. As for offline advertising, you should consider printing your website address on business cards, flyers and other physical marketing products. You could even look into using QR codes.

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