Working from Home with A Disability

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Working with a Disability|Working from Home with A DisabilityIt is estimated that around 19% of the UK population of the adult, working age suffer from a disability according to recent data obtains by the department of work and pensions (DWP.) Despite significant improvements in employment rates and government programs arising to further support those with disabilities enter into work, it is undeniable that having a disability has a significant impact on your success when seeking a job.

Depending on the impairment, disability can influence the duties you are able to perform. In the case of mobility complications, getting to work and around work can present its own set of challenges that cannot always be avoided. Advances in technology and online job roles present a much greater opportunity for those with disabilities to work from home, and this can actually be an advantage. It can offer autonomy, flexibility and the opportunity to either take up remote working for a company or to work for yourself.

What can you do?

The options available to you are limited only by your own imagination. If you are computer savvy then suggestions could include:

  • Remote telemarketing
  • Online tutoring
  • Freelance writing
  • Transcription
  • Home call center or customer support agent
  • Online auctioning
  • Online businesses

In addition to this there is also a growing trend surrounding crafting, and many people both enjoy and make a good living from making things to sell; baking, greetings cards, trinkets, artwork, and customized clothing are all popular homemade products that are allowing people to make money, work around their family life or appointments and enjoy the autonomy of working for themselves.

It is fairly straight forward to set up an online business, there are many apps and software to manage your finances and invoicing and it is quick and easy to get professional websites and marketing material produced.

Preparing for home working

There are a few things to consider when preparing for working from home with a disability:


If you plan to take up an online endeavor then you may require a computer or laptop, or appropriate hardware or software to improve its ease of use. There are various technologies available such as screen readers, magnification, voice recognition, and adapted keyboards available for those with physical impairments, that can make computer use far more accessible.


Mobility can pose an issue both at work and at home. If you intend to set up your own home business then you may prefer to use a designated office space. For many this can be a spare bedroom or study space. The chances are that you will store paper work, materials or other essentials away from your working area and if you suffer from mobility issues or are a wheelchair user, this can be taxing. Terry Lifts can make traveling from floor to floor for work much easier and quicker, are unobtrusive and don’t require significant structural changes to your property to install.

Deciding what to do

Settling on a business idea or setting up a home business can present its own hurdles. The beauty of home working is you have the autonomy to find your passion. You can try a few things and see what brings you the greatest job satisfaction, job satisfaction is important for both motivation and mental wellbeing. Test the water a little, experiment and pursue something that you find interesting or enjoyable. Contacting equal opportunities for employers and enquiring about remote working options may open up other ideas that you had thought were off the table. Do some research and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance; there are many charities, community, and government schemes and investors whose objectives are to assist those with disabilities in finding work.

Don’t let disability hold you back

Whatever your condition, don’t let it hold you back from following your dreams. Remote working opportunities, crafting, online retail, having a determined and positive mindset and finding convenient work can bring a multitude of job opportunities to your doorstep, quite literally.

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