5 Instantly Positive Highlights You Can Easily Publish On Your Landing Page

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Landing Pages|5 Instantly Positive Highlights You Can Easily Publish On Your Landing PageYour business’ landing pages are the first point of contact for any new customers visiting your website, so it’s important that you’re making a solid first impression. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your landing page and wondering what sort of information and tone to take on your website, then this article will provide you will all those answers – and crucially how each one can benefit your business or brand. Take a read below to find out more.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a superb way of highlighting to new customers just exactly what you’re about and some other projects you’ve worked on in the past. Obviously, if you have any negative testimonials it’s a good idea to keep them away from the landing page, but positive reviews from reputable clients are a solid way to show off your skills and draw in new customers interested in using your services.

Contact Information

Obviously one of the most important pieces of information to place on your landing pages is your contact information. You may be wondering why we’ve even included this point because it seems like we’re stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised. Always ensure that the contact information you want your customers to approach you by is clear and easily located to ensure you’re getting the most business as possible. This is particularly important if you’re looking to highlight the fact that you’re using an 0800 number. In that respect, planet-numbers.co.uk can provide 0800 numbers for an extremely cost-effective price.

New products or services

Another obvious piece of information to include on your landing page is any information surrounding new products or services that you’re releasing. Highlighting your latest products and services is a great way of testing the waters and working out what sort of things your customers like. After all, there’s no point releasing something that you’re not going to promote. As well as new products you should always ensure you’re clear about the products and services you offer. Clarity really is the key to attracting new customers and ensuring they purchase from you rather than your competitors.

Latest News

Publishing regular updates surrounding the latest news in your industry is a great way to add fresh and relevant content to your landing page while simultaneously improving your SEO rankings. We’re not talking reams and reams of text; just little snippets of digestible material you can use to highlight things you find interesting that promote your content. Landing pages and blog content are perfect for promoting your business on social media, too.

Information about your brand

I think by now we’ve covered all the main points surrounding what to include on your company landing page. But once you’ve got the important things out the way, take the time to integrate them into your brand tone of voice in a way that appeals to your customer. Information is important, but the way you deliver that information is what’s going to transcribe your words into revenue.

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