Don’t Have Your Own Website Yet? These 5 Arguments Will Make You Reconsider

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StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Don't Have Your Own Website Yet? These 5 Arguments Will Make You Reconsider

The online world has become lucrative for businesses of all sizes and localities. When looking at the sheer number of businesses with websites, it might be shocking to find out that some businesses have yet to go digital.

If your business has not opened a website, the time to do it is now. There are several business-friendly reasons to start your own website. Once you are ready to go, let Decisive Sites help with the entire process.

1. Everyone is Online

Nearly everything is online today. Consider the size of social media platforms and the growing reach of online banks. The immense amount of people are either watching or creating a streaming video on the Internet. If your business isn’t there, you are missing out on opportunities that you might have never considered.

Without a website, your business does not exist online. No one can find you and no one can add to your coffers. Everyone is missing out if your business isn’t available to an online audience.

2. The Internet Never Closes

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, your business most likely has limited hours. Yes, there are some businesses that are open 24-7, but they require expensive staffing during that time. This isn’t necessarily the case with a website. The Internet never closes, so your online business would be available to anyone at any time. You don’t have to be online if someone wants to buy something from your site. You could wake up in the morning and deal with sales then. But, if you don’t have a website, your sales can only happen when your doors are open.

3. It’s Cheap to Make and Maintain a Site

Websites are not expensive to run. You can get started for much less than you expect. Of course, you can always upgrade to bigger and better things. But, to get started, you don’t need much. It is just as cheap to maintain the site, too. Business owners can do it, or you can hire someone to do that for you. Business owners quickly realize that their website is worth every penny, especially when they start seeing sales add up. As well as being fairly cheap, it’s also very easy to maintain your website as long as you choose the right provider. There are numerous debates surrounding Squarespace vs Wix, but it’s really up to you to see which you prefer. They both offer simplistic, but professional templates that will make your website user friendly and effective.

4. Your Reach Grows

If you have a mom-and-pop shop in your community, your reach is rather small. But, once you open up a website, your reach can grow exponentially. Customers in other states and countries can find you and place orders. This can be an exciting prospect for many business owners.

5. Your Customer Demographics Grow

Along with growing your reach, you can grow your customer demographics. With a website, you make yourself available to people who shop online. Your brick-and-mortar shop might have a customer demographic that is older in age, as older people tend to frequent local shops. But, once you open up a website, your business immediately attracts a younger demographic, simply because young people use the internet. If you can make your website design mobile-phone friendly, then you are certain to grow your demographics to a younger customer base.

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