Ideas To Make Your Workplace Sustainable and Green

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | Ideas To Make Your Workplace Sustainable and Green

Running an organisation is no cakewalk. Managing clients and delivering on the due deadlines is one just one side of the story. But, it also involves several costs-latent and glaring. You have your employees to think about. The salaries, the bonuses, appraisals, benefits and the like make for just one fragment of the entire picture. The other piece consists of paying for several utilities like workspace rent (if you do not happen to own a workspace), catering to the electricity bills and things like those. Thus, it is clear that running a workspace involves paying quite a price (like, literally). And, truth be told, half the amount on the bill comes from paying the electricity bill.

A workplace consumes several units of electricity. Some of the usage might also be unnecessary. But, we do not realise that because we are so caught up with our work that it becomes difficult even to catch a breath. And in the midst of this hullaballoo, where the Earth’s resources are being depleted, and we are facing a tremendous energy crisis, it is important that we gear attention towards the idea of sustainable living. In this article, we have tried to put across a few ways in which we can make our workplaces sustainable and green. The onus for doing so is not only on the employers or the owners of the workspace but also on the employees. Therefore, waste no more minute and read on.

Allow Nature To Light Up The Space

Now, this might not be possible throughout the day, but it is definitely a thought to be entertained. Most work hours begin in the morning and end in the evening. Thus, you could make use of the natural light for your work at least in the first half when the sun is shining brightly outside. Obviously, there is very little that you can do when the day is all gloomy. But, on the other days, try avoiding artificial light as much as possible. Switch the lights off and see how the amount on your electricity bill comes down. It is a great energy-saving tip, and you should definitely try it out.

Check For Cheap Power Plans

More often than not, we fail to live sustainably and end up spending more energy than usual due to our ignorance and inability to acquire new knowledge. There are several cheap power plans available around you; but, you yet go for the one that you stumble upon first without any research. There’s even sites you can visit that compare business electricity prices quickly, so there’s no excuse for not doing any research. Remember that there is no glory in being inane and uninformed. Check for the plans and subscriptions around you and only then choose a befitting one for your workplace or household. Check https://strø to find more cheap power plans for your office and be an aware consumer.

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | Ideas To Make Your Workplace Sustainable and GreenTry To Talk Your Employers Into Choosing Laptops Over Desktops

If you are an employee, you must try to talk your employers into switching over to laptops from desktops. Desktops need a continuous source of electrical energy to run, which obviously is not a brilliant idea when you are trying to cut down on the consumption. But laptops can run on batteries for a minimum of eight hours. Therefore, you must see to it that you have the option of working on laptops in your office.

If you are an employer, then you must try to replace the desktops with laptops so that your employees do not have to come over to you to talk about the move. You could be one step ahead of them already.

Do Away With Outdated Electrical Equipment

Be it air conditioners, ovens or desktops, keep tending to them, upgrade or replace them when the parts start ageing. Old electrical systems use more than the usual units of electrical energy. Therefore, if you keep using the old models and decide against upgrading the parts, you are going to receive a severe blow on your bill. You could also consider recycling your old electrical parts or appliances to make use of everything at your immediate access and reduce wastage as much as possible.

Get Some Plants To Brighten Up The Space

Now, we know that this is not directly related to the entire ‘saving energy’ drill, but we are looking at making workspaces sustainable and green. Therefore, try getting some plants that can thrive under the shade and brighten up the space. It is always alleviating to look at some greenery during stressful work hours.


People make saving energy sound like a big deal when, in reality, all it requires is some conscious actions on our part. Small gestures can amount to significant differences, and we must only understand that before it is too late. Our planet can stretch itself beyond normal. But, everything has a threshold. Therefore, we need to act now before we are beyond damage reparations of any kind.

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