Five Elements to Consider When Organizing a Trade Show

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Trade Show|Five Elements to Consider When Organizing a Trade ShowOrganizing your very own trade show can be an exciting experience, but it can also prove to be extremely daunting if you have never planned a professional event before. You’re going to have to delve deep into your skill sets if you want to pull off your event with professionalism, and wow those who will be attending. While the number of tasks that you may be faced with in regards to planning your trade show event may seem overwhelming at the start, this article should come in useful to help you pinpoint the key elements that you need to bear in mind, in order to ensure that your trade show event is a roaring success.

Here are five main tips to take into consideration:

1. Planning is essential

While you may be excited to jump head first into the trade show event without second-guessing your decisions, it’s likely you’ll face dilemmas later on down the line. Planning is essential in order for your trade show to be a success, as well as keeping your stress levels to a minimum.

Draw up a plan of action that determines the entire project specification, the marketing techniques you’re going to use, and your final budget to ensure that the step-by-step process of the project runs smoothly without any hiccups.

2. Secure a convenient location

While you may be focused on the event itself, what you need to be aware of is that the location of your venue is everything—especially if you’re planning on securing a huge number of exhibitors and attendees. Ensure that your venue is the correct size (neither too small, proving it difficult for everyone to be accommodated; or too large, giving the illusion of the event being unsuccessful and sparse) and within easy reach for your guests to attend without difficulty.

3. Instruct your staff accordingly

Those in leadership roles should instruct staff on how to behave accordingly. First impressions are everything, therefore, all those who are associated with your company should act professionally at all times, that is, in terms of their body language, facial expressions, and their willingness to communicate with those who are in attendance.

4. Provide food and entertainment

If you don’t look after your guests, you may encounter some complaints, especially when they have spent hours venturing around the different stalls and need some time out to revive. Buffets or packed lunches are always extremely convenient food options for trade shows, so attendees can pick up a snack whenever they choose.

To keep your attendees interested in the event, always make sure to provide suitable entertainment for your target audience. Consider renting trade show games to engage your visitors and build relationships between them—after all, networking is an integral part of any successful trade show, and can create an extremely positive atmosphere.

5. Follow up after your event

Once your trade show has come to an end and all your hard work has paid off, it’s extremely important to do a follow-up with your attendees and traders. Doing so builds on the relationship between your company and sellers, as well as getting the chance to receive feedback that will come in useful for future trade show events. Ensure that you offer gratitude to those who have attended, in order to put forward a positive impression of your company.

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