How can businesses save hiring costs

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Hiring Costs|How can businesses save hiring costsDo you want to reduce hiring costs in your company when hiring new employees? In an economic context pushing for the optimization of all resources, recruitment costs now represent an important issue for any HR manager. The search for the right candidate monopolizing numerous resources and proving to be time-consuming, any solution allowing to accelerate the processes deserves to be studied. Investing in the software will save you a lot of recruiting time and budget. You can even use a lot of platforms like artwork Australia that also will help you save recruiting cost in an effective way.

It is never an easy task to find the best talent without a substantial budget. But that does not imply rash spending in the name of top quality rental research. There must be a balance between the recruiting budget and the efficiency of hiring so that the quality of the search for new employees is not compromised. Here are some tactics to consider to reduce the costs of hiring new employees:

Have an effective referral program

One of the best sources of quality hiring can be done with recommendations. This results in much-reduced costs, because it does not involve agency or display costs, nor to devote a lot of time and money to supply staff. So it is a good idea to have a solid referral program that will motivate your employees to recommend others to come and work in your company.

Have talented pipelines

The longer it takes to fill a position, the more expensive it becomes. This implies that if the time required to hire is reduced, the costs would also be reduced. One way to reduce the hiring time and always have quality hires is to build a talent pipeline. These refer to candidates that you have hired in the past and who would occupy a future position in the company. With a talent pipeline, when a position becomes vacant, you can get in touch with them without waiting to post an ad or source for new candidates.

Invest in effective recruiting software

The other reason responsible for the higher recruiting costs is the time spent hiring teams to perform recruiting tasks. There is a lot of excellent recruiting software that can automate most of the functions that normally cause recruiting teams to spend a lot of time. Cutting costs is a top priority. But poorly managed cost reduction programs can do a lot of damage to your company. A poorly implemented austerity program costs time in the fight against falling earnings worsens the mood among the workforce and can even damage the company’s added value. To prevent this from happening to you, you should note the following points:

Define goals

Name ambitious but realistic goals. Even if you want to save quickly by looking at your falling earnings, do not take hasty measures. Clarify with the respective managers of the individual departments which cuts are possible in the long term.

Avoid lengthy approach

Determine area-specific savings potential and then draw up a list of priorities for the savings goals per department.

Control the project

Put an experienced project manager behind the wheel. So you have a single contact person who knows the details and at the same time ensures that the overall project runs according to the plan.

Stay consistent

If you have planned the savings sensibly, you should not accept a “not possible” in an affected area. Reverse the burden of proof. Areas must justify why the previously defined goal cannot be achieved. Allow a slightly extended implementation period, but remain consistent with the target size.

Monitor implementation

Ask the project manager to update you regularly. Define a project end at which the results are presented – regardless of whether the project is completed as planned or not.

Reduce fears

Meet your employees’ subtle fear of layoffs. Explain the upcoming measures to the employees. Factually informed employees will be far less likely to turn negative comments. How to protect the project and the company?

Flexibility in travel planning lowers costs

Even if there is pressure in many companies and deadlines have to be observed, or the business partner has only limited time, it is sometimes worthwhile to be flexible. Flights, train or hotel costs can vary greatly depending on the day of the week, savings of up to 50 per cent are possible here. Therefore, communicate to your employees, specify alternative dates when planning the trip and think flexibly. It is best if your employees can use their internal travel planning tool to book the trips themselves, and the costs are transparent – this creates trust and saves money.

Transparent and simple planning for employees is essential

It would be cost-effective if you were able to plan your employees’ trips in the long term. However, this is usually not the case, since trips have to be started unexpectedly. If the employees in your company book the trip themselves, it can cost you a lot of money. You cannot assume that all of your employees will follow your travel booking guidelines if you have them at all.

Simple and easy-to-implement guidelines help you to act cost-effectively. For example, a few tools can help your employees plan their trip themselves without breaking the budget. Automated communication channels prevent mispricing. It is also important here that travel accounting is also standardized. A receipt for credit card statements says too little. A clear documentation requirement is essential and helps to reduce costs in the long term.

Analyze your expenses

If you document your expenses, you should also analyze them. This can give you some eye-opening effects. Which item on the trip is the most expensive? Which department travels most frequently and for what reasons? Does travelling to a certain city exceed your budget? See your business travel post early so you can respond in the next quarter. Here you can learn more than how to efficiently analyze the expenses?

Create incentives

Everyone is happy to get commendations. It is important that you tell your employees why you are going to cut travel costs, and they may need to adjust them. Praise can be different for each company. Team events organized with a saved amount, a meal together or vouchers – there are no limits to your creativity here.


A poorly integrated recruit could leave you far too soon and force you to start all over again. We can never advise you enough to ensure the onboarding of your new employees. Start by anticipating their arrival by providing a number of points of contact with superiors and an astonishment report to be able to detect any malfunctions.

Prepare a welcome booklet, a tour of the company, a presentation of the teams with which they will be brought to work and be available to answer questions.

Follow the above tips if you really want to reduce the hiring cost. They will definitely help you.

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