The 4 Rules of Efficient Commercial Interior Design

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article | The 4 Rules of Efficient Commercial Interior DesignInterior design, whether commercial or residential, is a science, but this is even more so when we’re talking about commercial interior design. There’s an added element of shopper and worker psychology that gets thrown in. Colors have to be enticing for patrons, and even encourage them to commit certain actions. Decor also has to be functional for the staff. So much more has to be taken into consideration and owners need to understand what truly constitutes good and efficient commercial interior before they get started. Here are some of the principles of good interior design for businesses.


One of the most important things for a commercial space is versatility. Restaurants often have an open floor design for this reason. You never know what could happen and when you could have to reconfigure the whole area. You might want to bring new elements in or experiment. You might also want to be able to use the space for different purposes. For instance, a restaurant might want to be able to transform into an event venue or change the configuration of tables for live entertainment.

Not only that, but spaces need to be easily upgradeable as well. You want to be able to keep the design current without changing basic parameters like your brand’s color palette, for instance.

Tech Conscious

You also have to think about technology and how to facilitate access to it. Power outlets come to mind. You want as many as you can and not always in the obvious spots. If all the outlets are near walls, then you won’t be able to install consoles or work stations in the middle of the room. This is where covered floor outlets could come in handy. You should also pay special attention to things such as overhead media, television, telephones, and computer networking.

Make Room for Personalized Spaces

For spaces like hotels, for instance, it’s essential that you can create spaces where patrons will feel cocooned. Hotels, especially busy ones, can feel impersonal at times. You want guests to be able to retreat and give them a choice of environments.

And this is where residential and commercial interior design services differ. They will go a step further than simply crafting spaces for you. They can also create bespoke furniture that will make these spaces stand out and offer the exact level of comfort that you need. Commercial design services will be able to customize spaces even more and give them a look unique to your brand.


Safety should also play an essential role in any form of interior design, but this is even more important for commercial design. First, you have to abide by certain regulations. You also have to deal with the real possibility of injuries and legal action. However, the most important is your moral responsibility to the people who will be using this building, whether it’s your employees or patrons.

These are the most important principles of sound commercial interior design. Make sure to find a team that will be able to align with your vision and help you make better choices in terms of both looks and functionality.

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