Health and safety essentials every office needs

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Health and Safety|Health and safety essentials every office needsAs workers slowly begin to return to offices across the country, now is the opportune moment to ensure your office has all the health and safety essentials it needs to not only comply with the law, but also to help create a positive workspace for employees.

Fire safety equipment

It doesn’t matter what sector or industry your business is in; you need a fire extinguisher. In an office setting, a 2kg Co2 fire extinguisher and a 6-liter water fire extinguisher will cover multiple fire risks. They should be positioned close to the main fire hazards and readily available and visible.

Similarly, fire alarms and smoke detectors can quite literally save lives by providing an early warning of a potential fire. By installing a fire alarm or smoke detector, you are allowing more time for an orderly evacuation and the opportunity to tackle the fire before it gets bigger and more dangerous.

First Aid equipment

First Aid kits are vital for any office, allowing for quick treatment of minor injuries by a trained First Aider. It’s important employees know where to find the First Aid kit, and that stock is regularly maintained. From having enough bandages and band-aids, to essential protective equipment like disposable gloves and antiseptic wipes, regular stock takes of the First Aid kit can provide peace of mind to all employees – and reduce the risk of litigation should the worse happen.

Ergonomic equipment

There are more and more studies that demonstrate increased and chronic back pain in office workers as a result of hours spent sitting at poorly positioned desks and screens. If you consider the length of time your employees spend working and sitting at their desks, then it’s obviously essential that where and how they work doesn’t cause them any discomfort or pain.

Investing in ergonomic equipment like chairs and movable desks will not only improve employee morale, but you’ll see an increase in productivity too.

General maintenance

Slips, trips, and falls account for the majority of workplace incidents and can easily be avoided. Slips occur when there is a lack of friction between a person’s feet and the floor they are standing and walking on. They are typically caused by spillages, wet floors, and unsecured floor mats. Reduce the risk of slips by using signage, non-slip floors, and ensuring any mats or carpets are secure.

Similarly, trips and falls occur because of trailing wires, objects left lying around, and misplaced footing. Ensuring items are tidied away and walkways are clear will reduce the possibility of trips, while well lit areas and marked stairs will limit falls.

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