Online Degrees – The New and Improved Normal

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Online Degrees|Online Degrees - The New and Improved NormalThe world has witnessed around 72,692,481 corona cases so far while encountering more than 1,619,801 deaths. These stats observed in a couple of months have changed millions of lives throughout the globe, calling it a pandemic situation.

So far, it has affected several families, businesses, professionals, and students to the core. While there are so many negative aspects, there are some positives of this pandemic too. And that’s the culture of online studies.

A news report by the U.S. News says that there are more than 6.3 million students in the U.S. enrolled in a type of online course. This number is accelerating in a blazing speed after the advent and excessive usage of virtual learning platforms and sites. Be it the workforce or the students; the present age is moving towards online mediums not to let any unpleasant circumstances hamper the work or studies respectively. This displays the increasing amount of passion and influence of online studies among students.

How can students still carve their career?

A mass majority of students have been considering COVID-19 global pandemic as the sign of ending up their careers and academic journey. But that’s merely a negative vision. The introduction and encouragement of online studies have given rise to many possibilities for students all around the world. With this, pupils can continue to learn and expand their vision of online learning.

So, here we have got you a string of some popular and highly-paid degrees to look upon and build a career with never-ending possibilities.

  • Petroleum engineering – This field is one of the types of engineering associated with the production of hydrocarbons. Generally, these are used in crude oil or as natural gases for multiple purposes. As the costs of crude oil (also referred to as ‘black gold’) is higher than usual, this increases the scope of getting better and higher salaries. A petroleum engineer makes $94,500 a year.
  • Computer science – This stream deals with the software development aspects of computer opening gateways for students to make their career as a software engineer or developer. Here, a student can enrol himself or herself in such programs via online courses and work in various fields like iOS, Android, Hybrid, mobile app development. An average experienced software engineer can make $88,000 per annum.
  • Psychology – Undergoing this academic stream comes with a lot of challenges but perks too. Suppose you decide to go for an online psychology degree. In that case, you open your gateway to multiple highly ranked designations like an educational psychologist, media role player, counselor, psychotherapist, researcher, and social psychologist. However, the actual pay scale depends on the stream you have followed.The last word –

The culture of online learning and studies have gone to the next level. This has resulted in an expanding number of online courses. Where some found it a dilemma to be a part of the online world, others fell in love with the concept of online learning as it introduces extreme flexibility and convenience.

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