4 Tips to Grow a Successful Bakery Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Bakery Business|4 Tips to Grow a Successful Bakery BusinessAre you currently in the bakery business? Have you experienced modest success but want to push on to the next level? Maybe it’s a market you are planning to enter in the near future? Whatever your situation is, you will understand that growing a successful bakery is far from easy.

Yet, if you get it right, it is an industry that can supply some rather lucrative financial rewards. According to the American Baker’s Association, bakers are responsible for over $153 billion of the country’s GDP.

To ensure you get a sizeable nibble of that $153 billion, read on for four tips on how to grow a successful bakery business.

1. Settle on a niche

When you start a bakery business, you may feel it’s necessary to offer as many products as possible. After all, if there’s another bakery in the area that is offering, say, 50 different food items, why would they visit yours that only has 25?
However, there are multiple reasons to avoid a large menu. Firstly, you may fail to have the financial strength to sell a large assortment of food items at once. The product quality could suffer, and you may also struggle to forge an identity.
The latter point is particularly important. Instead of being just another regular bakery, you should zone in on a specific niche. You could specialize in unique doughnuts for example, or be known for serving the best variety of bread in town. The more distinctive your business is, the easier it is to market and gain customers.

2. Use a unique, eye-catching logo

Every business should have a high-quality logo, and bakeries are no different. This logo will be your store sign. It will be featured on your business cards, website, leaflets, and other advertising materials. If it has an amateurish appearance, this isn’t going to form a strong first impression with your audience.
Fortunately, it is easy to find a professional graphic designer who can produce a unique and remarkable logo for your bakery.

3. Use local online marketing

Online marketing is more important than ever for local businesses. Whether they’re searching for bakeries in the area or your business specifically, you need to make sure your company appears in all the relevant queries from your target market.
The only problem is that, for an effective local marketing strategy, a lot of time and effort is required. This is why it makes sense to enlist the services of a marketing agency. Bubyli is a local SEO Essex company for example, and they are experts in everything from Google My Business to designing a keyword-rich website.

4. Offer a delivery service

To maximize sales, you need to provide a local delivery service in this day and age. You can add your bakery to one of the various food ordering platforms like Uber Eats, or go that extra level and create a unique online ordering app.

If you do decide to go the delivery route, however, make sure you are prepared for the extra responsibility it demands. Slow delivery times could be detrimental to your online reviews, which could harm your bakery on the whole.

As previously mentioned, according to the American Baker’s Association, bakers contribute significantly to the country’s GDP, so be sure to follow these tips to ensure that you don’t miss out.

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