3 Ways to Improve Quality of Life in Your Workplace

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Life in the Workplace|3 Ways to Improve Quality of Life in Your WorkplaceThe average employee spends almost a third of their adult life in the workplace. You only get one life, and all this time sitting at a desk, sending emails, and working for someone else’s dreams is stealing valuable minutes away from it.

Although paid work is essential for survival, 64% of employees are unhappy with their job. So why spend so much of your precious time on Earth doing something that makes you miserable?

As a small business owner, the wellbeing of your staff should be one of your top priorities. Some bosses see their employees as mere tools to help the business grow, but any good employer will treat them as humans and do what they can to make them happy. After all, a happy worker is a productive worker. You have a great deal of power in your hands to greatly improve your team’s quality of life. With a few simple changes, you can transform the way they feel about work, and make them enjoy coming into the office each day. As a result, they will work harder and better, and the atmosphere in the workplace will change dramatically. Their physical and mental health will improve, and you will find it much easier to attract and retain the top talent.

To get you started, here are three ways to improve the quality of life in your workplace.

Embrace flexible working

Every single one of your staff members has a life outside work. They will have family, hobbies, side projects, and other concerns that they struggle to fit in around their work. One of the biggest changes you can make to your employees’ lives is to give them more flexibility at work. By allowing them to choose their hours or work remotely when needed, they will find it easier to pick up their kids from school, go to the gym, visit the doctor, and do all the things that make their life fulfilling. And if you’re worried they won’t get as much work done, relax. Studies show that flexible working actually boosts productivity.

Promote good health

You might not think it, but office work is one of the unhealthiest professions there is. Humans weren’t designed to spend eight hours a day slouching at a desk while staring unblinkingly at a screen. The sedentary and digital nature of the work can lead to weight gain, musculoskeletal disorders, and vision problems, not to mention the mental health risks of all that stress. Help your employees to look after their health. Invest in standing desks and ergonomic desk chairs to promote good posture, and talk to them about ways you can help manage their workloads and remove some of the stress.

Make them feel safe

No employee should feel unsafe in the workplace, so do what you can to instill a sense of security. Your office should comply with all fire and safety regulations. For example, fire exits should be signposted and unobstructed, while low voltage electric appliances will reduce risk. Ensure there is always a trained first-aider in the office and ask your team for suggestions about creating a safer environment to work in.

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