Entrepreneur Motivation: Heroes, Factors And Values

When you first started your business, you probably thought that it was going to skyrocket. You would watch the money roll in and you would be motivated to keep rising and rising. Unfortunately, that kind of storyline is only viable in Hollywood. Real life just isn’t like that, and the sooner entrepreneurs learn to think like this the better. It’s hard when you aren’t growing as fast as you expected. A lot of unforeseen challenges arise, they take you off your path or slow you down, and it can snowball into one cascade after the next. As you can imagine, this can deplete your confidence levels and get you to question, why on earth are you bothering in the first place? We would like to save you from this spiral of doubt!

Internal organizational factors

One of the reasons why you might be failing to live up to the challenges you face, is a lack of internal organization. Companies that fortify themselves against external threats such as market crashes, customer contractions and governmental regulations, are much better at weathering a storm. Thus, because they don’t get hit so hard, they don’t lose their motivation either. Maybe you would be more motivated if you were less prone to suffering harm from external risks.

So, hire a risk consultant from a risk firm or do an internal risk management project that can address these issues. Working with your legal, financial and risk professionals, you can formulate a plan that can allow your brand to be flexible and adaptive.

External factors

Why do you think business owners like to court politicians? No, it’s not always dubious and it’s not always about lobbying. It’s usually, because they want to know what kind of policies are most likely to be coming down the pike. They can adapt to any potential moments that could rock the boat in the near future.

We recommend that you network with various governing bodies and work with them to share your views and listen to their own. Lots of governing bodies also have associate societies that hold dinners and meetings all around the world and all year round. It may be in your best interest to start getting involved in the wider conversation, concerning your industry and what kinds of regulations would be fair.

Need a hero?

Every entrepreneur needs a hero. They need someone to latch onto as a symbol of hope and progress. It’s usually someone who is in your industry and has gone before you to achieve what you would like to achieve. If you work in ecommerce and or dropshipping the internet entrepreneur Kevin Zhang is one such industry leader to listen to. He has been featured in the top 10 Ecom Entrepreneurs Helping People During The COVID-19 Recession list, which was published by Yahoo Finance. He’s gone from rags to earning $20 million in sales thanks to his dropshipping strategies and innovative ecommerce approach. And he’s done this at the ripe old age of 24. It’s an incredible story that someone who is young and brave like himself, could take heed from and learn a valuable lesson.

For who?

One of the questions that you may need to ask yourself over and over, is who are you doing this for? Are you doing this to make someone in your life proud of you? Maybe to impress your father or your friends? It could be because you would like to make a difference in your community or impact the nation’s economy positively. All of these are noble motives but remember, the sole person that needs to be fulfilled in this business, is you!!

It cannot be said enough, so many young entrepreneurs take their eye off the prize because they start to work not for themselves, but for someone else. This may be emotionally or psychologically subtle to notice at first, but if you aren’t motivated by your own needs then something is wrong. Personal growth matters!

Values matter too

Does your organization mirror the values you have? This is so important in today’s modern age. Anyone can start a business, but is it unique? Part of this task is to have your brand reflect who you are and what you believe in. ethical practices have thus become the norm and more sustainable options for raw material sources and production really matters now.

Never give up, but always question your motives. It’s important to fulfil your business goals, for you, not for anyone else. Look to idols that have done this before and set the tone for the future development in your industry to gain more motivation.

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