Creating an Efficient and Productive Workplace

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Productive Workplace|Creating an Efficient and Productive WorkplaceWhether you are a new start-up creating a new workplace or you are an established business going for a workspace overhaul, you will want to ensure that you get your space right. The correct layout, lighting and furniture can have more of an impact on staff than you might think. Most importantly how your space is laid out and how it functions can and will affect your productivity. If workspaces are cluttered and clumsy then your workflow will not be as smooth. So, before you go out buying items for your space you need to think about what you need to get from your workspace and you need to think about what it must include.

The Purpose of Your Workspace

How will your space be used and what will you use it for? Are you setting up a sales office or are you setting up a sales and production workplace. Will you have customers visiting or will it just be yourself and possibly staff using the location. If you know how you will be using your space then you can create a plan. If, for example, you are setting up a workspace for just yourself and staff then you know that you need to focus on good quality ergonomic chairs and furniture, a space to unwind (featuring a couple of sofas and comfy chairs) and a place to prepare food and drink. If on the other hand you are welcoming customers and clients you will need to focus more on the design element. You will have to create a workspace that is in line with your brand and in line with your customer expectations. From colors to branding – it all matters.

Create a Mood board and Design board

To help collate all of your ideas and thoughts, you need to put together ideas and design boards. These boards will help you see and visualize the space a bit better. On your boards you should incorporate all of the ideas and colors that you would like to have. When you put together boards you get to see firsthand what is working and what is not. A productive and efficient workspace needs to be one that is highly functional. On your design board you can ensure that you are only using items that are functional yet stylish. Items that serve no use or function may look good, but you will find they end up being a waste of space and money later down the line.

Lighting and Ambience

The feel and ambience you create within your workplace says a lot about your brand and about your business. Creating a bright and pleasant working atmosphere that also ensures you stick to workplace lighting regulations is possible and achievable. Whether you go for warm colored and modern-feel lighting or you go for daylight lighting you will want to be consistent and you will want to be as energy efficient as possible. When looking for and buying lighting fixtures consider how they will fit in with your design or scheme and also ensure that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Desks and Office Furniture

Will you be going for sleek individual desks or are you looking to create closed cubicles and workstations. If you are reliant on teams and individuals working together then you need spaces that they can come and sit together. Office furniture needs to be of high quality as it will see more use and wear than your standard home furniture. It will also need to be easy to clean, maintain and repair. Having every piece of furniture built in looks clean and tidy but it can be disastrous to locate and fix problems when they arise, so keep things simple yet effective.

The Flow and Feel of a Workspace

Ultimately, how a workspace flows and feels will affect everyone and anyone that uses it, so it is important to invest time and effort into getting it right. A productive environment can be a profitable environment. You want to create a workspace that you, visitors and employees enjoy being in. Size and shape matter and even the smallest of workplaces can be efficient yet well designed. If your space is an odd shape then keep furniture simple and small, large pieces look cluttered and out of place. Do not forget that if you require any inspiration for color schemes then you can use the services of a designer. Getting the flow and feel of a workspace right is highly achievable with time, effort and a workable budget.

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