5 Considerations for Thinking Like a Global Business

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Global Business|5 Considerations for Thinking Like a Global BusinessEvery entrepreneur is looking to tackle the world. When you are trying to build up brand awareness they say you should think globally. But thinking globally is not as easy as putting your platforms with a “.com” suffix. Instead, think about what it really takes to think in a global sense. Because it’s not just about marketing, or ensuring a product is able to travel far and wide, it’s about so many significant components.


There will be opportunities to get the appropriate strategy underway. There will always be opportunities that others are not able to see or do. Learning to grow your business is about understanding where the market is going. When you start to have a sixth sense for which way the tide is turning, you can start to put little components in place. For example, when you are promoting your company, you can certainly take advantage of multilingual SEO best practices because this will cater to a wide client base, but in order to grow effectively, you’ve got to have the foresight to spot new trends. This is why thinking big is about strategy first and foremost.

The Global Vision

You must think globally from the offset. While you may believe that it’s about thinking on a grander scale, there’s a lot to be said for getting the right advice. For example, there will be numerous jurisdictions and regulations in place. You may also want to acquire tax advice, but also make sure that you have deep insights into your customer base. Growing a business from small to large is about scaling it up. If you do not have an insight into what the customer needs in Timbuktu when you are struggling to get the customers in Tampa on your side, it could very well be because you’ve not thought globally straight from the offset.

The Importance of Restless Innovation

We may have one core product, but it may not prove effective in a variety of environments. Each company has to build upon innovative products. But this isn’t where the line is drawn. It’s about making sure you have an open mind to be successful. Having a constant drive for innovation is about going into new territories, literally and figuratively.

Using Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Marketing is vital. From search engine optimization to sponsorships, you need to establish credibility, and from there, you can start to build a solid marketing strategy based on providing impeccable customer service with a solid product. Getting an understanding of why you need to set the prices at a certain level is about guaranteeing the right customers can access your products, so you can build upon this, ensuring that you have a business that is global in stature, while also being accessible.

Analyzing and Measuring

In order to determine if a business is working on a global scale, you need a transparent system for measurement. It’s not just you and the marketing team that needs to understand what is going on, but every member needs to realize what their part is in the success of your company.

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