6 Types of B2B Marketing Videos Your Business Needs in 2021

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StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, 6 Types of B2B Marketing Videos Your Business Needs in 2021Are you wondering how to most effectively use a B2B video marketing strategy to attract leads and sales for your company?

You’re not alone. Many companies today struggle to mix B2B video best practices into their B2B marketing strategy. In this article, we’ve listed the most important types of B2B marketing videos your company should consider adding to its video marketing plan.

How-To/Explainer Video

How-to videos help your prospects or customers learn something new. For example, you might teach your target market how using your product improves their company’s bottom line or improves their HR processes.

Brainstorm all steps involved with using your product and put together short explainer videos around that material. Focus on one specific piece of education that can help customers use your product more effectively or help a prospect move one step closer to understanding why using your product or service makes sense for them.

For example, in this video, Mailchimp teaches how its customers can set up email campaigns.

Tutorial Video

Your video marketing campaign should use tutorials to expand upon the strategy of using how-to videos. Tutorials go into more detail and take viewers on a more extended step-by-step experience.

These videos don’t always need to involve your product directly. Instead, you can create tutorials that walk through any related topic you deem helpful to your audience. If you teach your leads about your product via tutorial video, they’ll trust you more and become open to reading or watching sales material next.

The Whiteboard Friday series from Moz is an excellent example of using tutorial video content.

Product Demo

This video type is an opportunity to walk viewers through the process of how your product works. The key aspect to using product demo videos is to focus on the problem your product solves.

Make sure it’s clear to your leads how every feature provides a tangible benefit to their lives. For example, show them how using your scheduling software gives them more time to spend with their family or invest more time in completing revenue-generating sales calls.

Look at this example product demo from Airtable for some ideas.

Brand Awareness Video

Here’s where you get the chance to give viewers a high-level view of your brand. Instead of teaching specific tips or focusing on using your product, insert brand videos into your video marketing funnel and reveal what makes you unique.

Show your company’s culture, whether it’s humorous, quirky, off-beat, or serious. Hootsuite did a brand awareness video of this type on their 10th anniversary.

Customer Testimonial Video

Your B2B marketing strategy must include customer testimonial videos. Nothing speaks louder than hearing happy customers tell others how great you are.

You’ve likely heard about the importance of inserting social proof into your video marketing funnel. This video type is where you get to share social proof, as someone else steps in and tells new leads why they should make the important decision to become your next customer.

Take the time to craft intelligent questions, so the interviewed customers can tell their stories comfortably. Let them elaborate when they get excited, reliving the ways your product or service improved their own companies. Watch this video to see how Zendesk’s customers sell for the company.

Case Study Video

Case studies allow you to expand beyond simple customer testimonial statements and go into great detail about how your product or service solved a significant problem.

Here’s where you show the complete story, revealing the problem your customer felt before finding out about your company’s solution. The customer used your product and transformed their situation into an improved experience.

Make it a goal to add several case study videos to your video marketing strategy. Showing tangible and measurable outcomes achieved by others goes a long way in helping prospects convert to customers. This video is an example of Growth Tools talking through a customer case study.


You now know six types of videos to start using in your B2B video marketing campaigns. Take these B2B video ideas and use them to attract more leads and sales!

At Vidico, we believe that creating quality video content gives you the key to future success. Need more examples to help you round out your B2B marketing strategy? Check out these 15 additional startup videos and learn how to start creating your own.

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StrategyDriven Expert Contributor, Michael PironeMichael Pirone is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Vidico, a video production agency that produces high-performing video content for startups and tech companies like Square, Uber, and Spotify. Michael and his team like to explain “the hard stuff” with the aim of bringing more clarity to the messaging of new and innovative tech products around the world.

Interested in learning more about how video can help your brand engage with customers? Reach out to Vidico today to see what video can do for your marketing strategy. They’ll work with you to create a unique project that accomplishes everything on your video to-do list.

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