The 4 Best Ways To Stay Connected to Your Team

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Stay connected to your team|The 4 Best Ways To Stay Connected to Your TeamIf there’s one thing the best companies to work for all have in common, it is ensuring their team is well-connected at all times. This connection helps build cohesion between your employees, which may reach the point where they know what the other is thinking, boosting synchronicity and cultivating an office that is more productive than others. As a manager, you need to find a way to match this, so how can you stay connected to your team?

Team Building

Team building is a superb way to bring your office closer together and help people stay connected. There are numerous ways to achieve this, too, including weekly quizzes or activities like golf, laser tag, or other fun things that will bring people closer together.

These team-building efforts can be the difference between an office that goes above and beyond for one another, and one that will ditch their team as soon as another offer comes around. It will improve teamwork and satisfaction, giving you a more robust office culture that will have a direct impact on productivity and performance.

Casual Connections

Professional communication is vital in the office, but you can also help your team develop casual connections. Many people consider their work friends important but it can be tricky to improve these connections outside the office.

To encourage this, consider one of the best alternatives to Telegram and Discord that will give your employees the chance to chat and connect even outside the confines of your office. The various rooms and features allow them to connect on a different level that isn’t related to work, which will allow them to develop more authentic relationships. From this, you’ll see a direct improvement.


If your team is working remotely more often than not, there’s a chance they may feel disconnected from their colleagues and may not have the drive they once did. Loneliness and isolation are two significant issues with working from home, so establishing exchanges each week can remind everyone they are still thought of and cared for.

These exchanges can include whatever you want. Previously, businesses have tried baked goods or books, but there is no right or wrong answer, so consider whatever you think will work best.

Company Contests

Office competitions always go down well. They are ideal for celebrating the end of the year or season, and they are often easy enough for everyone to get involved, even those who don’t normally feel like partaking in activities.

Establishing company contests or competitions will allow everyone to win something, whether a voucher or even a day off whenever they feel like it. Like exchanges and activities, there is no limit to what you can choose, so feel free to get creative.


Staying connected is essential for building rapport with your team. However, as beneficial as it can be to get in touch with your employees at all times, you must also understand boundaries. By respecting when they are off the clock, you can maintain a positive attitude towards their duties. So, embrace the benefits of simple communication, but establish limits, also.

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