The Hidden Costs of Not Washing Your Truck Frequently Enough

StrategyDriven Tactical Execution Article | The Hidden Costs of Not Washing Your Truck Frequently EnoughTrucking companies must perform a variety of tasks to maintain the fleet trucks and keep the vehicles on the road. Any failure to complete maintenance tasks can generate a high financial loss for the company and may lead to certain liabilities. Dirty trucks are liabilities for the company in more ways than one.

A truck that hasn’t been cleaned could accumulate debris on the top of the vehicle that could flow down onto the windshield. Limited visibility for the driver increases the risk of trucking accidents and serious injuries for the driver and others who collide with the truck. By setting up professional truck cleaning services, the trucking company stops these events and protects their drivers and others on the roadways.

Paint Corrosion and Body Damage

Debris and pollutants that are not removed from the trucks properly can eat through the paint. Once harmful substances get underneath the paint, the body and structure of the vehicle could become damaged, too.

Commercial trucks must be cleaned regularly to remove the debris and protect the paint and body. If not, the owner can sustain serious financial losses. Business owners can learn more about dfw fleet washing by contacting a service provider now.

The Collection of Animal Droppings on the Trucks

Animal droppings can accumulate on the truck body depending on where the driver travels. In areas where there are berry trees, birds are likely to defecate onto the vehicle and drop pieces of the fruits, too.

The acidic compounds in animal droppings cause body and paint damage, but the substances also present serious health risks for the driver and anyone who comes in contact with the affected portion of the truck. If a driver places packages on the truck’s hood, the droppings could transfer to the parcel and spread to the recipient.

Increasing the Frequency of Truck Inspections

The Department of Transportation has strict regulations related to commercial vehicles, and if an officer comes across a filthy fleet truck, the agency has the authority to conduct roadside inspections. During the inspection, the DOT can determine if the truck complies with federal sanitation regulations. If the truck fails the inspection, the trucking company faces penalties and fines based on the severity of the violation.

Making the Wrong Impression on Customers

Customers will look at the truck when assessing the company, and if the trucks are disgusting, this paints a negative picture of the company. In most instances, the customers won’t place orders or hire the business for services if the trucks are dirty and unsanitary.

With the emergence of new health risks throughout the world, trucking companies must follow protocols to eliminate dangerous substances from the trucks and protect customers, drivers, and the public. Once there is a negative impression of the business, customer retention can become a serious problem.

A Decrease in Lifespan of the Truck 

Without proper cleaning, the truck’s lifespan is shortened. While owners may think that body and paint damage isn’t a major issue, the damage could travel further and cause mechanical issues. Corrosion on the truck hood allows rainwater to leak on top of the engine, transmission, and other major parts. The rust can also travel and cause defects that prevent major parts from working and increase auto repair costs for the owner.

Regular truck cleaning can remove all debris that causes damage and prevent more corrosion. If the owner doesn’t eliminate harmful substances frequently, no one will get the full use-value of the vehicle, and the price of the truck decreases quickly and dramatically.

The Truck Cannot Pass Certain Borders

In Canada, commercial fleet trucks that are dirty or present health risks cannot pass the border crossing. Federal health regulations give border authorities the right to refuse entry to any commercial driver that has health risks on the vehicle.

If the transport service delivers goods to Canada, the business owner must clean and maintain the vehicles. Border authorities can complete a full safety inspection of the truck, and if there is a higher accumulation of debris on the truck, the driver cannot enter the country and deliver any products beyond the country’s borders.

Debris Accumulation Hides Damage and Defects

Bird droppings, pollen, and other debris on the truck can hide major defects on the body. If the trucks aren’t cleaned thoroughly and often, the driver and the owner are less likely to notice the damage until there are holes and significant signs of rust or breakage. This can become a serious problem for a company that doesn’t have the capital to buy new trucks.

Professional truck cleaners sanitize the entire truck body, around the tires, and all spaces underneath the carriage. Dirt, pollutants, and other harmful materials are removed properly and stay off the vehicle with regular cleaning services. By setting up the services, the owner can avoid high costs later and protect their commercial vehicles.

Increasing Maintenance and Repair Costs

When maintaining commercial trucks, cleaning services are part of routine maintenance, and the vehicle should be cleaned at the first sign of debris accumulation. Business owners know how important oil changes, air pressure assessments, and tune-ups are to the longevity of the trucks.

However, most owners don’t consider how dirt and other substances can damage the vehicle and affect how the truck performs and how the vehicle looks. With regular truck cleaning services, the business owner completes all steps for truck maintenance and gets the most out of the investment.

Professional truck cleaning services eliminate a variety of liabilities and issues for trucking companies. Cleaning services aren’t just for aesthetic purposes, and the options can prevent major trucking accidents. Debris accumulation can damage the truck body and paint, and corrosion can damage parts underneath the hood.

Trucking companies can get major advantages by allowing a professional to clean the commercial trucks. The service providers will complete a thorough job, and all trucks pass inspections conducted by the DOT and border authorities. By setting up regular cleaning, the owner gets the full benefits of the services.

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