What Every Start-up Needs to Know Before Going Online

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Going online with your start-up|What Every Start-up Needs to Know Before Going OnlineWhether or not you intend to actually do business online or are simply going to be using your business website to build brand, there are a few important things you should know before going online. Make no mistake about it. Business websites are important on several levels even if you aren’t going to be engaging in eCommerce but first take the time to understand how to make your website work for you and not the other way around!

Time Is Money

One of the things that altogether too many startups fail to realise is that managing a business website, even a bare-bones WordPress theme, takes an ungodly amount of time to develop and maintain. Instead of spreading yourself too thin once the site is developed, have you considered the benefits of using IT managed services?

Just keeping a business site up and running securely takes an enormous amount of time and effort and that’s something you probably don’t have to spare – especially in the early days. To borrow an old cliché, time is money, and this is why you would be better spending your time developing and running your business. Let IT managed services do what they do best for you while you do what you do best for your company. It’s a simple formula for success.

A Look at Important Elements of IT Management

One of the leading concerns within the private sector as well as the public sector is theft of intellectual property. Even if you aren’t going to be selling anything online, a website can open back doors to your business’s mainframe where all your proprietary information is stored. IT managed services that focus on safety and security can help protect the backbone of your business and that would be your products, current or in development. You could also leave company and client data vulnerable to breaches without managed IT security.

Uptime, Downtime and No Time

If you find IT managed services as part of a provider package, all the better. One of the things which frustrates customers and potential customers most is when they have found your company in a Google search but are unable to click through because your site is down. Uptime is important but downtime leads to no time, for your business that is, and no pun intended. Downtime for your audience leads to no time for you as they simply move on to the next link on the SERPs.

Your Key Takeaway in All This

There is no denying the importance of creating a business website but only to the extent that you can ensure it will be well maintained. Sometimes it’s better to have no website at all than one which frustrates potential clientele. If you are going to go online with your startup, make every effort to ensure it will be an enjoyable (engaging) experience for your customers. Customer experience, UX, is the main path to success and the roadmap for their journey is your website. That’s what you need to take with you to the bank.

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