How To Expand Your Marketing Business

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | How To Expand Your Marketing BusinessNow that you’re established in your marketing business and have a steady collection of clients, you may be turning your attention to expanding your company even more. Yet you might not be sure exactly how to go about this. Read on, then, for some ideas about how to make your marketing business grow and flourish.

Market for Yourself

You’re so busy marketing for other people that perhaps you’ve neglected to properly promote your own company. Now is the time to fix that. Start by revamping your website with a fresh look and updated information. Also, make sure that it’s easy to use and that your clients can find everything they need in just a few clicks. Keep your social media pages up-to-date, too, and try running a few ads in your local newspaper. Think of some new ways to present your business to the public so that they know how well you can do your job, even for yourself!

Use Client Referrals

Don’t forget that some of your best marketing tools are actually your current clients. Ask your clients to refer others to your company, and reward them for doing so. You might set up a discount program for referrals, for instance, and provide the referring client with a percentage off your services.

Be the Best

Indeed, satisfied clients are critical for the expansion of your business, so you should strive to be the best in your field. Produce quality work for every client, and handle any issues immediately, striving to be reasonable and fair even with the most difficult clients. Your work and your efforts will speak well for your company, and you’ll attract more clients and continue to grow as word spreads about your excellent services.


Another way to expand your business is to specialize in various fields of marketing. You might, for instance, focus on lawyer SEO materials or websites for educational institutions. Specialization can increase the amount of work available to you. Be careful about this, though, and study each addition thoroughly. Create practice materials, and compare them to current marketing campaigns. Even take a class or two so that you can be certain you have all the right skills that your specialized clients expect.

Watch Your Budget

Finally, if you’re out to expand your business, watch your budget. Begin by reviewing your current finances. Does your budget balance, or have you gone into the red? If you’re currently spending more than you’re bringing in, you must make some cuts. Look closely at your utility bills, and see if you can make a few changes to reduce your energy consumption. Also, notice how much you’re paying out for software licensing. If this is eating up a significant amount of your funds, consider switching to open source software. You can often perform the same tasks and even more with open source options, and you’ll pay much less or sometimes nothing at all.

Your marketing business can expand even beyond your current goals if you put in the time and effort and try a few of these ideas.

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