Make Working From Home Work For Your Business

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Working from home|Make Working From Home Work For Your BusinessFor all the horror and sadness Covid-19 has inflicted on the world, history tells us that seismic global events often lead to unexpected changes in the way life and business are conducted.

World War II permanently altered our outlook on virtually every aspect of life and Covid has certainly given every business owner and employee a new perspective on effective working practices.

The Motivation for Working from Home

In the pre-Covid world, there was a relatively small and select band of people who worked from home. Plenty would check emails, organize shift patterns, and create a quick weekly schedule from the comfort of a couch, but the office was still king when it came to working.

Covid made working from home the norm and the enforced physical separation from colleagues has shown business owners that this model can be incredibly effective.

Time and money are saved on an unnecessary commute, the online nature of modern work means that fear of an employee neglecting their duties has virtually disappeared. Zoom calls, Teams calls, Google chats – it all works just as well as a meeting room.

The Right Tools for the Right Working Environment

There are, of course, pitfalls when it comes to working from home. Some of them are quite amusing, while some are not.

The sight of a stray kid wandering through the background of a high-level Zoom call, the illuminating décor of a colleague’s house that you never imagined, or a dog strewn across the couch have all produced a welcome chortle to the new business call.

Where things become less amusing is that famed glitch in the matrix that comes from a dodgy internet connection. Thankfully, the online world has switched on to new working practices. A reliable connection is the right of every working American and organizations like the internet service provider in Vistancia are guaranteeing a new sense of reassurance that encourages the work-from-home culture.

Say Goodbye to the Nine-to-Five

Covid has also demonstrated to business owners, and more importantly, to employees that the old practice of a nine-to-five in the office does not work.

If a worker feels at their best at 4 am, working from home allows that person to produce their optimum level. People are all wired differently, so some find their best form late at night, while others find it in the early morning.

Business owners are learning to embrace this new phenomenon and it is producing results. Make your business work around the staff and everyone will benefit.

The Final Word

Business changes all the time, new ideas are introduced, and old ones are discarded.

The key for a business owner is to show flexibility that allows the employee to be at their best. If the job is done well, who cares about the when, where, and why? Motivated employees will do a great job in every environment. All they want is a profession that allows them to flourish.
Business is about results and working from home has been proven to give great results. Just mind the dog.

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