5 Common Mistakes People Make with Career Development

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Career development|5 Common Mistakes People Make with Career DevelopmentDeveloping a career is something that a lot of people want. That’s understandable when developing your career often means having more responsibility and earning more money. The problem is that many people assume they are on the way up their career ladder without realizing they’re making common mistakes that hold them back.

If you want to make sure you develop in your career without any hiccups, be sure to avoid these five common mistakes.

1: Being Disorganized

No matter how talented you are at your job or how much you know, if you are consistently disorganized, you won’t make a good impression. Showing up late and having a messy desk may stop you from acquiring that promotion you’ve been waiting for. If you want to find a job in a different company, being disorganized won’t help you there, either. Without writing a high-quality resume/cover letter and researching companies, you won’t get anywhere.

2: Ignoring Other Companies

Are you staying in a job that is not right for you? You might enjoy your work, but the job itself might be the reason you are not developing in your career. If you are ambitious, you might need to spread your wings and leave for a company that allows more growth. In this situation, you’ll need great recommendations and a good resume. Try using a cover letter builder to make an even good impression, too.

3: Not Knowing Your Skills and Worth

Most people know what they want to do, but many don’t know what they are good at. If you don’t know what skills you bring to the career table, you won’t be able to highlight them and use them to your advantage. You might also end up in a role that doesn’t let you shine.

To avoid that, pay special attention to what you are good at and never underestimate your worth. Once you know what you do well, you can choose a career progression path that suits it.

4: Not Networking

Networking is essential in most careers. You might miss out on the senior-level job of your dreams just because you didn’t introduce yourself to that one person at that one business event. So, make it your mission to network more. The more people you know, the higher the chance you’ll be offered a job that suits your skills.

5: Not Listening to Mentors

You should not assume that you know everything from the get-go. You might be very talented in your career, but there is always more to learn, and your mentors know that. Take on board their lessons and use their advice to have a better chance at climbing the career ladder. You should also put yourself out there and ask your managers/supervisors for advice on career development.

People often make these five mistakes when trying to develop their career, which prevents their growth. That doesn’t have to include you, though. By avoiding them, you have a much better chance of succeeding and having a great career.

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