Leadership Inspirations – Revealing Character

StrategyDriven Inspirational QuoteSports do not build character. They reveal it.”

Heywood Broun, Jr
(1888 – 1939)
American sportswriter, newspaper columnist, and editor

Adjusting Your Character Settings: The Authenticity of Leadership

If you are a member of Facebook, then you may be aware that the default privacy settings are being changed. I don’t lay awake at night worrying that someone is going to do something awful with the information that I post on Facebook, but I took the recommendation to adjust my settings so that only my “friends” can see my wall, photos and have access to any personal information on the site.

After I did this, I noticed that a friend had posted a link to directions for changing the settings. I was thankful to get the extra help because there was one setting that I had forgotten. But as I read down through the very long document, I was dismayed at the length some people will go to customize their privacy settings. I understand the need to protect your identity and all of that. But so much of this document alluded to adjusting settings to protect your image with certain people.

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