8 ways to increase employee productivity

Are you the proud owner of a successful business? Are you determined to run a profitable company, whilst providing a wonderful work environment for your employees? Do you struggle to strike the right balance between appreciating your workers and pushing them to do more? If your answer to these questions is yes, you will need to pay close attention to the following eight suggestions. They will help you to increase employee productivity at your company, without pushing your team members over the edge. It is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds, so what are you waiting for?

Improve your communication strategy

First and foremost, you will need to improve your communication strategy. It will be impossible for your employees to reach their maximum levels of productivity if they are struggling to connect. Your workers should find it incredibly easy to reach out to one another. They should also have no trouble getting in touch with potential or existing clients. If you are worried that this is not yet the case, you should learn more about Gamma Telecom. They will help you to take control of your company communications, so that all of your staff are left satisfied.

Update your company technology

The next suggestion is to update your company technology. Instead of forcing your workers to make do with outdated bits of kit, you should give them a helping hand. By investing in your technology, you will be saving your workers a lot of stress. You will also be taking away their excuse for lack of results. If your employees can blame poor results on a terrible internet connection or a faulty system, you will find it hard to hold them account. However, if your employees are working with the best technology money can buy, you will be able to identify any slackers.

Overhaul your office space

If you are left with more money to spare, you should consider overhauling your office space. This is a brilliant way for you to motivate, reward, and inspire your team. However, you should only make changes to your design scheme if you have total confidence in your choices. On the other hand, if you are unsure about what changes to make, you should call in an interior designer. A trained professional will help you to optimize even the smallest of spaces. They will also be able to direct you towards colors, shapes, and textures that are perfect for promoting productivity.

Give your employees regular breaks

Although it may seem counterproductive, giving your employees regular breaks is a great way to promote productivity. As a manager, you need to make sure that your workers aren’t running themselves into the ground. It is important that they have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to inject into their work. It is also important that they view you as a reasonable boss, as opposed to a hard taskmaster. Why not sit down with your workers to discuss their options? Perhaps they will prefer to take short breaks on a regular basis. Or, maybe they would rather take one long break over lunch. It might be that they would like to step outside your office space. Or, it could be that they want a social area to escape to. Involving your employees in the decision-making process will help you to settle on an outcome that works for everyone involved.

Adopt an open-door policy

You can also encourage positive suggestions from your employees by adopting an open-door policy. This is a great way for you to position yourself as a more approachable employer. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about the productivity of your workers. If you are currently failing to meet your targets, you should ask your employees to come to you with suggestions. You should also ask them to look out for any potential problems that could be holding your office back.

Introduce a competitive element to your workspace

Once you have gained a deeper understanding of the way in which your company operates, you should think about introducing a competitive element to your workspace. This won’t work for all organizations, as some employees will resent the additional pressure. However, in other workspaces, a competitive element is the secret to success. Why not opt for a trial run? You could temporarily introduce an employee of the month program. This will look great on your worker’s resumes and could be taken into consideration if they apply for a promotion. Alternatively, you could experiment with giving your employees access to commission. Depending on the results, you will know whether or not to make this change a permanent one.

Introduce an exciting reward system

If you decide against introducing a competitive element to your workspace, you could always introduce a company-wide reward system. This will operate on the understanding that if one element of your business succeeds; everyone is rewarded. For instance, if you manage to hook a high-profile client, you could treat your workers to a meal out. Or, if you save money on one of your suppliers, you could give everyone in your office the afternoon off. These rewards will be at your discretion, so it is vital that you weigh up the pros and cons each time. Yes, you want to please your employees, but you don’t want this to be at the expense of your levels of productivity or your financial security.

Ask for feedback

Even after you have implemented all of these positive changes, it is still possible that your workers will be looking for more. The only way that you will find this out is if you ask for regular feedback. When you are working so hard to do the right thing, it can be tough to take constructive criticism. However, in the long-run, it is the best chance you have of maintaining a great relationship with your employees. You can’t put a price on productivity, so it is essential that you get the answers you need.


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