4 Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Business Telecom System

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | 4 Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Business Telecoms SystemHaving an outdated phone system in your operation can have lots of repercussions. It limits communication between members of your team, leads to major delays because of shortages, and can also result in lost leads. Having customers not being able to reach you if they need support will also hurt your brand. This is why you must always monitor your system’s performance and see if it’s up to par. Here are some of the signs that your business’s telecom system is due for an upgrade.

You’re Experiencing Shortages

If your customers constantly let you know that they couldn’t get through or that their calls were lost, then it could mean that your system needs an overhaul. These are often caused by network issues. Sometimes, it may be due to poor cabling, like improperly grounded lines, for instance. In this case, you might want to call a professional structured cabling service to come and give your network a close look and propose solutions.

It’s Holding Your Team Back

Whether you like it or not, the future of business will be increasingly mobile and we can’t think of many industries that will not have to embrace remote working at least to some level. And, in this case, your current phone systems might be a huge hurdle in making the switch.

For instance, traditional phone systems do not allow interconnectivity in the same way modern solutions like PBX and VoIP do. These solutions could allow you or your reps to seamlessly answer calls sent to your main office on your mobile from wherever you are. If you’re in a line of business that requires you to move a lot, such as construction, then a legacy phone system will limit you.

Modern technologies also allow things like transcription, for instance. Voice messages can be transcribed and sent to any email or through SMS. Conversations with clients can be transcribed and stored in a CRM for future reference. Legacy systems can’t keep up and you will have to consider making the switch as fast as possible if you are thinking of going remote or hybrid.

You’re Spending Too Much

An outdated phone system will cost you in so many ways. Not only will you end up spending more when scaling or for repairs, but you’ll also be missing out on the savings you could be making with a more recent system. Not only that, but you’ll also be losing money from lower productivity. Just changing to a new, more efficient system will automatically reflect on your bottom line.

It’s Taking too Much Time to Resolve Issues

If it takes days for everything to be back to normal when you’re experiencing issues, then you might also need to upgrade your system. This could, again, be an issue with how your system was cabled. In this case, only an expert team will be able to help.

These are all clear signs that you may need to overhaul your current business phone system. We suggest you speak with a reputable team today if you’re experiencing recurrent issues.


5 Reasons Your Startup Should Be in Healthcare

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article | 5 Reasons Your Startup Should Be in HealthcareWhen you think of startup companies, you may think of some obvious ones that are now household names. There are social media platforms, mobile video games, banking apps, ride-sharing services and home rental marketplaces. You know them well.

An arena that isn’t as often spoken about in the same breath as these other game-changing companies is the healthcare industry. The Patrick James Trico Group is well aware that startups in the area of medical innovation and data processing are where the biggest and most beneficial progress will be.

1. A Better Patient Experience

With technological advancements, a patient’s healthcare experience should begin long before a visit to the doctor’s office. Artificial Intelligence and wearable tech could collect analytical information for the doctor to evaluate before you even make an appointment.

The appointment itself could be scheduled by an AI-driven system in much the same way that pharmacies use software to send automated calls and texts when a patient needs a refill. There is a wide range of possibilities for improvements in all aspects of a patient’s experience.

2. Automated Data Collection

Robotic automation of data collection is an area in which many hospitals and healthcare facilities could benefit. Human administrative errors are a common occurrence, accounting for countless mistakes, which could cause someone to pay a higher price or, at worst, have the wrong procedure performed.

With data collection performed by robotic automation, many of these errors could be prevented. Other industries already use similar automated data collection and machine learning to streamline their business, creating straightforward, painless engagement and happy customers.

3. Improved Information Storage

Your healthcare information is fragmented across all the different clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and any other health facility you’ve ever been to. Rarely do these entities communicate well and share that information without some complicated process of requesting that such information be sent from point A to point B.

A central ecosystem that houses data easily and safely would allow medical staff to retrieve patient records instantly, avoiding potentially harmful mistakes and allowing for accurate and timely care. An AI-driven functionality could also find and address any anomalies in patient records.

4. Creative Innovation

Medical researchers do a lot to progress healthcare and provide much-needed information by way of well-researched and thorough study. But often the solutions offered by those immersed in the healthcare field are from a calculated, linear and dogmatic approach.

Entrepreneurs are creative innovators willing to think outside the box and attack a problem from a completely new point of view. Their solutions may require some reframing of the way a facility currently does business, and therefore might never occur to a dyed-in-the-wool healthcare professional.

5. Everyone Benefits

Efficiency and progress in the healthcare space will benefit everyone involved: the healthcare providers, the patients and, of course, the startup company that provides the innovation.

Institutions with leadership that understands the need for the most effective quality care will be smart to embrace the technological advancements that startups may provide. The patient will reap the benefits of efficient and smart healthcare and the startup will reap the rewards of the market.

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