Saving Money On Your IT

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |IT|Saving Money On Your ITAlmost every single business that wants to earn money and be successful needs to spend money on IT. An IT budget is an absolute must and if you want to save cash without sacrificing your security and the productivity of your business, you need to know how to make your budget work for you. Making your IT budget count isn’t always an easy thing to do, but with the right tips, you can ensure that your IT expenses are lowered effectively.

Of course, you don’t want to cut your budget down only to really need to up it again because your IT is now lacking: that would be pointless. What you do want to do, though, is direct your cash in a way that ensures that your budget is wholly effective and works properly for your business. This should include any growth you plan to have with your business IT, too. So, how can you save money on your IT expenses? Checkout the tips below!

  • BYOD. You can ask your staff force to bring their own device to work. Laptops and tablets only, as this will save you money on computers in the office. Most people now own their own mobile devices, and if they’re already bringing them to work, there’s really no point in having work stations set up for every employee. You need to set very strict security standards to protect your business, of course, but you should consider that you can do this with a VPN. If you know that the servers and cloud access will be secure, then a bring your own device policy is going to save your company a lot of money!
  • Start using the cloud. The IT cloud is going to be far more effective for you in your business IT spending than using a server room. The cloud will reduce labor costs and save money on equipment. It’ll do this while lowering the amount you spend storing and powering all of your equipment, too. You can use a pay as you go model with the cloud, which means you’re only paying for what you need when you need it. This will make all the difference to your budget, and it will help you to stop spending way more money that’s necessary.
  • Outsource. If you outsource your revenue cycle management software & solutions, you’re going to instantly make a saving. You won’t have to worry about paying anyone to manage it for you in-house, which will save you money on your staffing, yearly salary costs and benefits on top of that, too. When you outsource, you only pay one organisation a fee for their help in return for what you need. It’s a great way to save some cash and it can make a lot of difference to the efficiency of your business, too.
  • Buying the right equipment. Make sure that when you do spend money on your IT equipment, you spend it properly. It’s a good idea to spend more to buy upgraded pieces of equipment, than to keep spending on cheaper equipment that will continue to break. You need to think practically as much as economically.

IT Expenditure: What Should a Realistic IT Budget Look Like in 2020?

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article | IT Budget | Entrepreneurship | IT Expenditure: What Should a Realistic IT Budget Look Like in 2020?Every business needs to have an IT department of some sort, whether on-site or remotely, in order to keep their company afloat. So much relies on computers that if they suddenly stop working, your business stops moving.

That being the case, it’s not uncommon to see much of a business’s finances go directly into making sure their IT services continue to run smoothly. But how much do you really need to be spending on an IT budget – and how much are you already spending?

There are limits to how much you should be putting out for the services you receive. This article goes in-depth with how your 2020 budget should look like for your IT software and troubleshooting needs, so you won’t spend any more than necessary. Read on to find out more!

Your IT Budget Will Increase Most at the Beginning of the Year

New year, new you – and new business. Your company is bound to shape up and adopt the “out with the old, in with the new” rhetoric. That most likely also means you’ll be getting rid of old hardware and software and investing in new tech.

Of course, this is bound to bring up the IT bill initially, as the purchasing and the installation of new equipment will be added to the tab. In most cases, however, it will pay for itself in the long run, so the initial purchase shouldn’t be seen as something scary.

Streamlined Operations Will Save You Money

As technology gets better, it becomes easier to use the software to our advantage. These streamline operations will allow you to not only better serve your customers, but will save you money as well.

There will be minimal confusion on what you need to conduct B2B and B2C interactions as well as in-house operations, and the lack of complexity will free up the IT department from working on the small stuff and allow them to focus on what really matters.

Internet Is Faster at Relatively the Same Price

Businesses need internet, and it’s good to know that each year companies are able to make their services faster. It’s even better to know that, due to competition, the internet is still being sold at the same price – or in some cases, even less.

This is good news for you as that means you get better services without the higher price, allowing you to place the money you’ve saved onto other important aspects of your business.

To make sure you stay up to date on how much you’re spending on IT needs, you’ll want to use an organizational tool such as a NetSuite price cheatsheet to make sure you know where every penny goes!

Stay Driven. Be Successful

You know what you should be spending on your IT budget for your computer needs, so now you’ll be able to watch your money flow and still get things done. But that’s only the beginning of what you need to know to help your business succeed.

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