5 Money Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, you know how important money management is. Both inside and outside of the workplace, it can be the difference between struggling to make ends meet and paving your way for financial success. What’s more, it can be the difference between making and losing a profit. For this reason, money management simply must be a skill that you work on and try to become well versed with regards to.

If you feel that your career as an entrepreneur is being held back by a lack of knowledge on your part in the art of money management, then make sure to check out the five pieces of advice below.

1. Establish personal financial goals and steps to reach them

In order to turn over a profit in your career and grow your entrepreneurial portfolio as a result, you must, first, be able to manage your money on a personal level. Well, if you can’t look after your own money, how are going to be able to look after a business’s or even another person’s?

To learn how to look after your own money, you should establish some personal financial goals. It means setting targets and being proactive in the steps that you take to reach them. Whether this means aiming to have a specific amount of money saved by a particular time, or whether this means spending a certain amount in a week, you should set your targets and put plans into place so that you can reach and hit them. By becoming well versed in the art of goal setting and step taking as a person, you’ll succeed as an entrepreneur because these are skills that are exchangeable.

Something else that you should do on a personal level is to know what your credit score is. You’re never going to get anywhere as an entrepreneur if you don’t know what your rating is. What’s more, you could actually be held back from making future investments based on past discrepancies. It means that knowing where you stand with regards to credit is essential.

2. Get educated

If you want to become a genuinely great manager of money, then you need to educate yourself financially as often and as fervently as you can. It doesn’t necessarily mean taking a course in finance or accounting; this just means throwing yourself into tasks in which you have to be on the ball in a financial sense to stand any chance of success.

A good first port of call is to throw yourself into the deep end with investing and stock markets. By learning all about what it takes to study and manipulate ever-changing financial markets, you will soon understand how to stay afloat financially no matter what financial fiasco comes your way. By educating yourself in regards to bull and bear markets and what kinds of investments can and should be made within them, especially, you will set yourself up for a lifetime of financial strength and longevity. In this instance, you should check out Dr Kent Moors stock picks, specifically the information that details oil investment, as this will help you to have a better grasp on what, how and when certain investments should be made.

3. Learn to crunch numbers

By learning how to crunch numbers, you will be able to make sense of every financial figure that comes your way, which means that you’ll never be left dumbfounded by anything that you come across, and you’ll find yourself missing out on profit far less. To learn how to crunch numbers and reach financial figures easily, spend as much time as you can with your company’s accountants. Also, you could try playing games that rely heavily on one’s ability to read and understand financial patterns, one such game being poker.

Learning how to crunch numbers will also benefit you in your quest to become a great marketer. This is because number crunching will teach you what it takes to translate the impact of trends and then turn them into tangible results for yourself.

4. Become well versed in the art of organization

You’re never going to become an entrepreneur that has a reputation for being great with their money if you aren’t good at organization. It doesn’t just means learning how to organize your money, either. You should treat organization as if it is a way of life. You should know where everything is at all times, and you should know where you have to be at all times too.

In regards to chronicling your financial information specifically, start by organizing everything into categories. Put information of the utmost importance and outgoing payments that are deemed urgent at the forefront of your financial plans, and sums that can afford to be left unattended for a while on the back burner.

5. Find yourself a mentor

If you aren’t a professional accountant or financial advisor, you will struggle from time to time when it comes to money management. Sometimes you’ll feel like you can’t keep up with all of your monthly outgoings and incomings, and sometimes you’ll spend far more than you can afford to. To stop yourself from inflicting irreparable damage on yours or your business’s financial status, you should find yourself a mentor who can guide you. It could mean working alongside an accountant at your firm, it could mean hiring a financial consultant to help you from time to time, or it could simply mean talking to an older friend or relative of yours that has some experience in equity and asset holding.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then learning how to manage money is an absolute must. To do this, you should ensure that your personal finance is as strong as it can be, you should educate yourself with regards to investment, you should learn how to number crunch, you should organize yourself in a business sense and as a person, and you should align yourself with a mentor. By doing all of this, you’ll be well on your way towards being able to handle even the largest sums of money. Lastly, don’t forget to check out https://www.moneyexpert.com/za/ for all the best deals for helpful financial purchases from loans to insurance for your business.

IT Expenditure: What Should a Realistic IT Budget Look Like in 2020?

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article | IT Budget | Entrepreneurship | IT Expenditure: What Should a Realistic IT Budget Look Like in 2020?Every business needs to have an IT department of some sort, whether on-site or remotely, in order to keep their company afloat. So much relies on computers that if they suddenly stop working, your business stops moving.

That being the case, it’s not uncommon to see much of a business’s finances go directly into making sure their IT services continue to run smoothly. But how much do you really need to be spending on an IT budget – and how much are you already spending?

There are limits to how much you should be putting out for the services you receive. This article goes in-depth with how your 2020 budget should look like for your IT software and troubleshooting needs, so you won’t spend any more than necessary. Read on to find out more!

Your IT Budget Will Increase Most at the Beginning of the Year

New year, new you – and new business. Your company is bound to shape up and adopt the “out with the old, in with the new” rhetoric. That most likely also means you’ll be getting rid of old hardware and software and investing in new tech.

Of course, this is bound to bring up the IT bill initially, as the purchasing and the installation of new equipment will be added to the tab. In most cases, however, it will pay for itself in the long run, so the initial purchase shouldn’t be seen as something scary.

Streamlined Operations Will Save You Money

As technology gets better, it becomes easier to use the software to our advantage. These streamline operations will allow you to not only better serve your customers, but will save you money as well.

There will be minimal confusion on what you need to conduct B2B and B2C interactions as well as in-house operations, and the lack of complexity will free up the IT department from working on the small stuff and allow them to focus on what really matters.

Internet Is Faster at Relatively the Same Price

Businesses need internet, and it’s good to know that each year companies are able to make their services faster. It’s even better to know that, due to competition, the internet is still being sold at the same price – or in some cases, even less.

This is good news for you as that means you get better services without the higher price, allowing you to place the money you’ve saved onto other important aspects of your business.

To make sure you stay up to date on how much you’re spending on IT needs, you’ll want to use an organizational tool such as a NetSuite price cheatsheet to make sure you know where every penny goes!

Stay Driven. Be Successful

You know what you should be spending on your IT budget for your computer needs, so now you’ll be able to watch your money flow and still get things done. But that’s only the beginning of what you need to know to help your business succeed.

At StrategyDriven, we help focused and goal-oriented business owners like yourself take on the competition and succeed in their field. We offer help from all angles, including formatting and executing business strategies, management and organizational programs, and more.

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Unsecured Business Loans: A Comprehensive Guide

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article | Entrepreneurship | Unsecured Business Loans: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever felt the need to apply for some sort of business funding? If yes, then I am sure you must have gone through a million options before you came to the right conclusion about your loan. For any business, whether it is a big or small business, funding can actually make a huge impact. Getting the loan that suits your business best is very important. There are various types of loan options available for you to choose from but one option that can really work for you faster is an unsecured business loan. Here is a comprehensive guide that can fully educate you about an unsecured business loan.

What Is It?

What exactly is an unsecured business loan? If we look at the basic definition then this is one type of loan that actually does not in any way require the business owner to pledge any sort of asset or collateral against the debt they receive. The usual protocol for when you get a loan from the bank is to secure any sort of leverage that the business has to the lender to ensure some sort of guarantee. Unsecured business loans are a sort of financing option for those businesses that do not have or do not want to put up collateral for the loan. Through this type of loan, they can still access it and use it in their business in their own way. To get this type of loan all you need to do is apply for financing and also have a good credit score. It is the easiest way to raise funds for your business.

Types Of Unsecured Business Loans

There are certain types of unsecured business loan options out there that you can pick and choose according to the needs of your business in every way. The time period and the amount of loan can be huge indicators for the type of unsecured loan that is the most viable option for you. With options like term business loan, the candidates are mainly given a large amount, which can be repaid over a period of one to five years. This is a type of unsecured loan that is best used to pay off substantial one-time purchases. Another option that works best for short term financing resolutions is an unsecured business line of credit that is indeed a more adaptable finance choice, which is perfect for numerous purposes. Rendering to your long term and short term financing needs, you can check which type of unsecured business loan works best for your company.

Reasons For Need

The question of the need for this type of loan is very important. Identify the clear and concise need for an unsecured business loan that you are going for. An unsecured business loan can have many uses in your company. See whether you want the loan to increase the size of your inventory or to improve the cash flow of your business. Some businesses even require this type of loan to increase the quantity of their staff. Every business has different needs for using an unsecured business loan. Many business owners might get a unique opportunity for which they might need extra funding. In that case, they then go for an unsecured business loan as it can help them in completing whatever they want. Many companies that want to create a good credit rating so that they can prepare their business for a much bigger loan in the future also use this type of loan.

Selection For Lenders

There are many lenders who actually offer an unsecured business loan. When opting for this type of loan make sure that you actually look into all the options for lenders that you have. The reason for this is that many lenders tend to vary and have a different interest rate that they give. Work your options and see what kind of lender best suits your needs and gives you the most favourable conditions for the loan. Times have changed and now when you need a loan the only option available is not your bank anymore. There are various online sources that also offer safe and secure lending procedures that you can go through. As the application procedures for banks and institutions like these have tightened up, people are looking for alternative lenders. You can go for alternative commercial finance lenders or peer-to-peer lenders according to the terms and conditions that suit you best for your unsecured business loan.

Things To Consider Beforehand

There are various things that you must consider before you go for an unsecured business loan. Things like the time period when you need the funds matters a lot. Some places might offer you funds pretty quickly while some actually take their sweet time. When exactly you need the funds needs to be clear so that then you can work according to your timeline. Another very important factor is that make sure that you are absolutely aware of all the terms and conditions of the unsecured business loan that you are about to acquire. The reason for this is that if there are certain conditions that are unfavourable then you should know about them from the get-go. You may be required representing certain financial documents to get your loan approved also. These are things you must know beforehand so that you can work around them before you actually do get the loan. Once you have gotten that loan then there is no going back so make sure you are mindful of such things in the beginning.

May Require Personal Guarantee

The level of risk attached to an unsecured business loan is much higher than a secured one. Thus, it is possible that you may be required to give some sort of personal guarantee against the debt you are to obtain. This means that in the case that your business is not able to pay back the loan it has gotten then the holder of that loan must take a personal responsibility to pay that loan back. The structure of a personal guarantee can vary from lender to lender. Apart from a good credit score the lender will look into your situation and see if you will be able to take a personal guarantee against your loan. This is done to put the lender at ease and lower their level of risk as well.

These are the main and basic principles that are attached to an unsecured business loan. This type of loan can actually be very beneficial to give your business the boost that it needs to move forward. Just make sure you are fully aware of an unsecured business loan before you actually go for it.

How to Raise Revenue for an Entrepreneurial Start-Up

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship ArticleThe first step in raising revenue for an entrepreneurial start-up is to outline a detailed marketing strategy. It is important for start-up entrepreneurs to test their assumptions as soon as they can. A big reason for the success of established companies is that they never invest large capital or significant time on any project unless they have determined that it has an overwhelming probability of success. The corporate world taught me that most ideas fail in the marketplace. When this happens, it should fail quickly and cheaply. You just want to make sure that you are not overwhelmingly hurt when you experience this inevitable fact.

Complete the following exercise carefully before you launch your marketing campaign. Accuracy in this exercise will be crucial to your future business success:

1. Decide who is your ideal customer – Most entrepreneurs start with a great product or service idea, but fail in correctly identifying their ideal customer and instead will sell to anyone who buys from them. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes I still see today, especially in the online world.

There are two main reasons you want to determine who these ideal or dream customers are: first, your ideal customers will appreciate your offers and will pay for it based on your value, not price; and second, they are more likely to refer more business your way.

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5 Compelling Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Small Business Jets

StrategyDriven Budget Management Article |Small Business Jets|5 Compelling Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Small Business JetsIt’s no secret that succeeding in business requires using every competitive advantage at your disposal. From pricing to identifying and reaching new customers to delivering the best product in the marketplace.

Another tool that can provide a competitive edge is transportation. After all, the faster and more conveniently you can get from place to place, the better.

This article takes a look at small business jets and how they can benefit your company. Maximizing corporate travel has never been more important than it is today. So keep reading to gain insight into how a corporate jet might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

1. Greater Flexibility

The corporate world is fast-paced. Decisions have to be made quickly, and sometimes that means making last-second travel plans that don’t coincide with airline schedules.

Flying privately provides an incredible amount of travel flexibility that you won’t have when flying commercial.
With a business aircraft, you can travel any time of the day or night, to any destination that you need to get to fast. This can provide a huge competitive advantage and allows a much greater level of comfort than you’d find on a commercial jet.

2. Bring Your Family & Pets

Another great thing about flying private is the ability to bring along your family and even the family pets. This is a great luxury that helps to combine business with pleasure any time the opportunity presents itself.

3. Great Way to Impress Clients

Potential clients are constantly judging you. They are looking for signs of success. That’s another reason private jets are so effective for business travel. Treat a client to a round of golf on the other side of the country, then have them home before dinner. The result will be a client who never wants to do business with anyone else.

4. Skip Airport Security Lines

There’s no denying that traveling commercial is a headache. Especially as security gets more and more tedious and time-consuming. Flying private allows you to skip the security lines and get on with your trip. Saving you time, money, and frustration.

5. Greater Privacy for Getting Important Work Done

Trying to work during a commercial flight is one of the biggest headaches in the world. After all, commercial flights are crowded, there’s very little room to move about, and a lack of space to deal with laptops and other important business equipment and paperwork.

Flying in a private jet is like having an office in the sky. You can make important phone calls, host meetings, and have access to important documents as if you were on the ground.

The Advantages of Using Small Business Jets

Travel is a crucial part of any successful business. That’s why small business jets are so important for taking your team to the next level. Flying private gives you the freedom you need to focus on making money rather than the hassles of typical business travel.

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