What Is Upward Mobility & Why Is It Crucial For Your Business?

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Upward Mobility|What Is Upward Mobility & Why Is It Crucial For Your Business?Upward mobility is a term that gets thrown around the business world quite a lot. This is something you might have seen somewhere before, and it’s highly likely you heard it when you were applying for jobs in the past. This is because it’s a term that relates to employment. Specifically, upward mobility is when a business provides employees with ways to rise up the ranks and improve themselves. It’s where you take an employee and make them a better version of themselves in one way or another.

How can your business do this, and why is upward mobility so important? We’ll start with the second question, culminating in a few ideas and tactics you can use to implement this approach in your business.

The importance of upward mobility

With upward mobility, you give your employees a chance to better themselves. They aren’t just stuck in a job that’s going nowhere, they can actively improve and open new doors for themselves. As you’ll see in the later section, the improvements and opportunities aren’t just related to their job. It can help them improve other aspects of themselves and their lives as well.

All of this comes together to mean that you have a group of very happy employees. You have people that are keen to work for you and stay working for you for a long time. They are getting a lot out of being your employee, so why would they leave? This reduces your turnover rate dramatically, saving your business a lot of time and money. Productivity can also increase as you have the same team working together for years on end – also boosting efficiency.

In essence, you don’t have to deal with teams being broken up as one or two people leave every few months. This would result in long hiring campaigns that drain your resources, and lost time as you wait for the new people to integrate. Upward mobility keeps your employees at your business for longer, and it makes them happier to work for you.

How can you implement upward mobility?

There are literally so many different ways you can implement this, which is why there’s no excuse to not do it. So many businesses from around the world present examples of upward mobility done right. One company called Grupo Caliente offers upward mobility by providing scholarships to different educational institutions. This lets employees train and gain new qualifications that can open up bigger career moves. Amazon is another company that offers upward mobility, giving all employees access to a training program to help them become leaders when they are hired.

There are plenty of other examples of companies that provide ways for employees to excel upwards. Essentially, you are looking for any type of training or development program or idea that gives your employees something extra. Perhaps they learn new skills, gain qualifications, or improve their education.

All in all, focusing on upward mobility can be crucial for your business. Keep your employees happy and focused, and the rest of your company will thrive.

How to Write a Professional Development Plan

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article | How to Write a Professional Development Plan

It doesn’t matter if someone has long-term or short-term goals. The path to success always comes with a proper plan. That is the reason why a development plan may help people reach their goals more effectively. Yet, many people don’t know how to write a professional development plan. There are a couple of stages they need to go through to complete the process successfully.

First Step: Remain Objective and Analyze Yourself

People need to ensure they understand their weaknesses and strengths. However, it is not only important to improve the skills that will bring them a job or business success. They also need to have in mind their personal characteristics and habits that can potentially become a distraction.

That especially counts when we talk about transferable skills. For instance, organizational skills are the ones that need to be at the highest level. People need to organize their time properly, design their workspace to make it inspirational for working, etc. If they need to improve that, they should write it down in their professional development plan.

Second Step: Identify the Career Goals You Want to Achieve

There is no universal definition of the term success. For some people, that would be the improvement of financial stability. On the other hand, others would focus on flexible work hours, expanding a business to another country, etc.

Still, people often make a common mistake. Long-term goals are inspirational, and they motivate people to work hard every day. However, it is not going to be enough to say “I want to become rich one day”. Every long-term goal contains many mini-goals that people need to pass.

For instance, let’s imagine that an entrepreneur wants to become a content writer and start a personal blog. He realized that it can be a good way to improve the brand identity of his business. However, his content writing skills are not at the highest level. Short-term goals would be the improvement of SEO knowledge, vocabulary, etc. In other words, a person should improve the weaknesses determined in the previous step.

Third Step: Finding the Best Method to Reach the Goal

The long-term and short-term goals may seem impossible to achieve at first glance. However, with hard work, persistence, and a good plan, all the goals become achievable.

Let’s use an example of a person that wants to improve his graphic design skills. One way to do that is to subscribe to a course published by a professional designer. Despite that, finding a mentor that is willing to share his knowledge and skills is also an excellent alternative. Whichever option people choose, they have to be sure it will bring them positive results. That is the reason why they have to research all the available options.

Fourth Step: Determine the Deadlines

Planning a professional development without a proper deadline is impossible. However, the timeline needs to be realistic and motivational at the same time. For instance, if someone started a small business three months ago, it is hard to believe that person will be an owner of a multinational company for one year.

The purpose of the deadlines is to remind people they should be self-discipline. Making excuses and delaying completing some duties will never help anyone to make professional development.

Fifth Step: Check the Plan Once Again

After going through the previous four steps, people should write down their plans. However, that doesn’t mean people should start their journey without double-checking everything.

All the goals need to be SMART. For those that do not know, SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. In that way, they will determine whether a certain part of the development plan requires changes or improvement. It is essential to realize immediately if some pieces of information are missing as well.

Final Thought

The development plan will not mean anything if its creator deals with a lack of self-discipline. Whatever people write down, they need to respect it until the end. With a high level of discipline and a clear and realistic development plan, success will come.

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How To Grow In Your Career

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article | How To Grow In Your Career

Professional development is something that requires an intimate awareness of what’s expected of you, as well as the different ways that you can situate yourself within your industry. If you want to get the most out of your time in your career, it’s important that you begin thinking early about your skillset and the way you interact with your colleagues. Professional development is something that begins from a conscious awareness of where you’d like to be in your career and taking informed steps towards that goal. It may take some time to get to that point, but it’s worth it to consider it now if you’d like to get further in your goal.

Navigate Relationships Professionally 

When you’re at work, it can be easy to get super comfortable with your coworkers. However, consistently maintaining an air of professionalism in the workplace will ensure that you’re able to maintain a consistent image that can project you into higher positions in the future. Maintaining this awareness during your interactions with other coworkers means that you’ll be able to more easily navigate conversations surrounding the modern political jungle in dialogues with other employees and coworkers. Developing good relationships with your coworkers is still important, so there’s no reason that you can’t maintain consistent relationships while maintaining professionalism in the workplace.

Develop Your Skills 

Steadily increasing your skills on your own is an excellent way to prove to employers that you’re engaged with your job and are aware of the growth of the industry. By steadily making improvements in your own abilities, you’ll be showing your employers that you truly care about your ability to maintain consistent productivity within your field. Making improvements is always a great way to shift the expectations of your employer and for them to see you as a more serious candidate for advancement.

Dress For The Job You Want 

When you’re working in an industry, how you’re perceived can make a huge difference in how the opportunities that you’re afforded. While you don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new expensive wardrobe, it is important to make sure that you always look nice. The old adage still rings true- dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you’re having trouble finding apparel to wear to work that you feel comfortable in, consider having some clothing tailored, as this gives off a much more professional look when it fits you perfectly.

Before Enrolling In Any Online Course Checkout These 7 Aspects

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, and technology is here to stay. The plethora of online learning has garnered traction globally at an invasive rate. The bell has rung, and you have ultimately yielded to her cry; you are enrolling for an online erudition. With the novelty of this self-paced instruction, there are seven aspects that you can’t afford to overlook.

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article | Before Enrolling In Any Online Course Checkout These 7 Aspects

1.The Credibility of the School

Is the online course accredited?

Fresh from high school, you are in a swamp on whether to sign on the popular program from a college or delve into the online realm. Quickly, you rush to the internet to do your homework about online courses, where you are furnished with replete details on the same. After a plight of bemusement, you settle on the online route.

It would help if you ascertained that your preferred online school is fully certified to offer that course by the necessary regulatory authorities. Registering for a non-accredited course is akin to walking on a tightrope. A majority of the online courses in Australia are credible. However, it is advisable to amplify your due diligence as there might have been loopholes in the accreditation process.

2.Access to Online Resources

There should be no difference between a student studying physics at the college or university and you studying online. Enrolling for that online course should furnish you with access to the library, labs, software, etc. as you would physically access at the university. The range of academic resources should suffice the standard offered at the college level.

3.Tuition Charges

Acquiring education should never leave your pockets dented. Quality is not always juxtaposed to steep quotes. The tuition charges should umbrella all the other subsidiary costs, such as exam fees, technology fees, and resource charges. Online tuition charges should not transcend beyond $7,700. For instance, online diplomas Australia, Psychology, Data Science, Information Technology, and Business Administration are easily accessible, respectively.

With online courses, you also get to savour discounts and subsidiaries occasionally. It is also sagacious to find out if there are any concealed figures beyond the posted tuition levy.

4.Adaptability and Convenience

How flexible is your online course?

You chose the online route to juggle between your work, family, and studies. Goodbye to resentfully arising from slumber, catching the dreaded school bus, and beating traffic. With the online erudition, you can study from anywhere. At the office, at home, or even when monitoring your daily businesses. All you need is an internet connection. You also need to pay detail to the weekly required study time duration. The ability to review completed modules is another critical aspect to dissect. Does your online platform allow for the revision of completed modules just as you would refer to your books physically at the college level? If yes, no two minds. Enrol!

Another key surrogate of flexibility is the duration of the lessons. You’d dread spending more than two hours glued onto the same module. This is where your peers in the traditional college system outsmart online scholars. Lessons in a physical lecture room often take 40-75 minutes.

5.Correspondence and Engagement

How interactive is the online course?

A fallacy exists in the impedance of interaction between learners and tutors across the online platform. The masses of these online courses often have interactive webinars, chat rooms, and video illustrations. Remember, these online courses are facilitated by competent professors hence allow for engagement with their students.

In case you come across an online course with voluminous notes and sporadic engagement with tutors, you’re likely to experience some mundane correspondence and vibrancy.

6.Technology Support

Your assignment is due to submission, and all you get is an error message on your computer screen! Panic takes the better part of you. What will you do? An excellent online course should have 24/7 tech support through live chats as well as bots. A working phone number is also pivotal. Before you matriculate into that course, dissect the levels of tech support to avert hitting a deadlock.

7.Curriculum Caliber

Is the online course homogeneous to the residential syllabus?

These online courses are facilitated by whizz professors. They are in no way vile to their college twins. You, therefore, should expect optimum knowledge infusion. The only difference is that the erudition is not vis-à-vis interaction.

At the end of the module, you are furnished with a proctored exam. You can only dream of bamboozling as these exams are tracked meticulously online. With such a notion, you can only lodge under the rock. These online courses are not for the bone-idle students.

Final Thoughts…

E-Learning does not just happen! It requires scrupulous attention, determination, and mettle. Settling for a pocket-friendly, flexible, engaging, and tech-supported online course is the best choice you could ever make.

How To Choose The Best Online Speech Pathology Programs?

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article | How To Choose The Best Online Speech Pathology Programs?Choosing the best online speech pathology program could be a little daunting unless you are not aware of the institute and its programs. If you are a newbie and looking for how to start planning from scratch to choose the best institute, you are on the right blog. The write-up contains all starts from search to career-building all tips. So, read till the end…

Start Your Search As Early As Possible

The golden rule to get the best results is to plan as soon as possible. Sames lie in institute selection. If you start choosing a pathology institute near the semester begins, it could result in selecting an inappropriate college. Therefore, never procrastinate your search plans and start from now.

Create A List of Best Online Speech Pathology Programs

To embark on the selection process, the first step is to create a list of all institutes offering online speech pathology programs. You can take assistance from major search engines. For example, you can enter speech pathology programs on google or look for a list of best online speech pathology programs, you will land to most reliable results. Once you have a list of online speech-language pathology program offering institutes, you can proceed further.

Visit Their Website

The next step is to look at your selected online program offering institution’s website. Here, you will get all the information related to the institute, experience, and contact details. If you are satisfied with the website information, you can call them to know more about programs. The website also contains details regarding whether your chosen institute is accredited or not and which authority institute is conducting exams.

Compare Their Program

Once you have a list of institutes and other detailed information about their experience and accreditation, the next step is to compare programs. This is one of the most important aspects that help you to know what stream institute is offering a speech pathology program. For example, Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Education (MEd). you can also know about their bachelor programs, duration, of course, fees, and training requirements to get a license. The first-hand knowledge about all these helps you to go one step ahead.

Look For What You Want

Once you pen down all the institute’s requirements, now it’s time to look for what you want. What is your past experience? And check how you want to proceed with your career. Know whether you are eligible to fulfill a particular institute’s requirements such as a minimum GPA and GRE scores, letters of recommendation, others or not. Comparing all these with your eligibility will help you to choose the right institute.

Read Comments On Social Media

Social media has a great influence on the customer’s perceptions. Everyone would like to read comments and know about any institute before going to choose. One can also look at pictures shared to know and find authenticity about what another business is committing for. The best part is that the mentioned reviews on these platforms are genuine and given by current or past students. You can also check the institute rating on search engines to know more about the organization’s positive and negative aspects.

Ask For Help From Past Students

Seeking help from past students is a great way to get genuine feedback. Therefore, you can take assistance from social media accounts. Create a good link with the institute’s past students. And ask them for feedback. You can also ask for study criteria, the institute’s policies, and the rest of what you need. If possible, you can conduct a physical visit to their home. Knowing about the brighter and darker aspects of joining an institute helps you to make wise decisions. Keep in mind, do not rely too much on one previous student’s opinion. Do good research work and take as many as possible student’s suggestions.

Take Experts Opinion To Know the best Institute

If you still have a question regarding choosing a pathology program, you can seek an expert’s advice. Ask someone who is specialized in pathology for the best pathology offering institutes. You can also ask which course could benefit you if you want to run a clinic or work in a particular organization. Preparing in advance surely helps you to build fruitful career options. Moreover, makes your choice more convenient.

Bottom Line

Hope the above information helps you to choose the best pathology program. Keep in mind, do not procrastinate your plans, make a list of the best colleges, go through their website, check the program, and compare with your needs. But do not forget to take past students’ reviews and read program comments on search engines.

All the best for your choice…