27 Aug 2013

Human Performance Management Best Practice 10 – Jobsite Inspections

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StrategyDriven Human Performance Management Best Practice ArticleToday's industrial and office workplace environments present many hazards. Individuals understanding their jobsite's hazards are better able to avoid or mitigate the negative impacts of those risks. Therefore, workers should be trained on the hazards unique to their workplace environment so to enable them to proactively recognize and respond to these risks through the effective use of jobsite inspections.

Common Jobsite Hazards

Numerous jobsite conditions can affect both the physical wellbeing of the individual as well as their ability to perform assigned tasks. Inspecting the jobsite and taking preemptive mitigating action can reduce an organization’s healthcare, equipment repair and replacement, lost operational productivity, and warranty defect correction costs. The following list represents some of the common jobsite hazards placing personnel, equipment, productivity, and/or quality at risk:

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