Recommended Resource – The Effective Executive

The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done
by Peter F. Drucker

About the Reference

The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done by Peter F. Drucker focuses on self-management rather than on the management of others. The book addresses how an individual can become more effective in key activities such as time management, activity prioritization, and decision-making to the furtherance of their organization’s goals.

Benefits of Using this Reference

As discussed previously, StrategyDriven Contributors believe that because an organization’s actions are defined by its people and not the buildings, machines, and tools they use, organizations themselves fundamentally behave like people. Subsequently, as individuals become more effective, such that their decisions and activities are increasingly focused on mission achievement, the organization itself is more likely to achieve greater levels of success. Therefore, when the principles of The Effective Executive are built into processes and procedures, additional measurable improvements in organizational effectiveness can be achieved.

The Effective Executive clearly and concisely conveys several powerful concepts. Many of the best practice recommendations found on the StrategyDriven website relate to The Effective Executive; making it a StrategyDriven recommended read.

2 replies
  1. Todd Watkins
    Todd Watkins says:

    I am reading through your entries on a daily basis. It might take me a couple days to completely get through the site. I should be done by this weekend. I really like the recommended resource for this week. Pretty exciting.

  2. Nathan Ives
    Nathan Ives says:

    Thanks Todd!

    The Effective Executive is one of my favorite books. Peter Drucker packed the book with amazing insights. This is one of those books I read slowly and keep referring back to because I found I could apply almost every part to making myself and my organization more effective.

    Thanks again for the feedback!



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