StrategyDriven Welcomes Sharon Drew Morgen

The StrategyDriven family is proud to introduce Sharon Drew Morgen as our newest contributing author!

Sharon Drew is the developer of the Morgen Buying Facilitation Method®, a decision facilitation model that helps decision-makers recognize and manage the internal, behind-the-scenes issues that must be addressed in order to get the buy-in necessary to implement any change.

Sharon Drew is the author of The New York Times Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity, the Amazon Bestseller, Dirty Little Secrets: Why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it, and 5 other books on helping buyers manage their change management issues before they can make a purchase. She has written over 1000 articles, done over 40 podcasts and webinars, and has a blog that is currently ranked #6 of all sales and marketing blogs. Sample chapters of Sharon Drew’s work include:

Buying FacilitationTM has been trained on at several global corporations such as: KPMG, BOSE, Intuit, Wachovia, Dryfus-Mellon, Morgan Stanley, Kaiser, Proctor and Gamble, and DuPont. Sharon Drew is currently adding her content to Kadient playbooks and is speaking with other sales/marketing enablement companies to add Buying FacilitationTM to the front end of their current technology to help sellers enter the buyer’s buying decision journey earlier.

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