Executive Wisdom: Reflections For Today’s Leaders

Executive Wisdom: Reflections For Today’s Leaders

by Reynier Lezcano

About the Reference

Executive Wisdom by Reynier Lezcano is an A to Z collection of leadership wisdom covering personal behaviors and situational approaches. These insights are presented as brief passages that are well indexed for quick situational reference.

Benefits of Using this Reference

StrategyDriven Contributors like Executive Wisdom for the simple, direct way in which sound leadership practices are communicated. This book could easily be used in daily reflection by new and seasoned business leaders and/or as a tool to mentor others.

One aspect of the book we did not appreciate was the few occasions where progressive philosophies were asserted. Not only do we fundamentally disagree with this philosophy but we found it detracted from the otherwise timeless principles presented.

As leaders, we need to constantly remind ourselves of the proper behaviors to embody; being ever vigilant against slipping into destructive behavior that more often than not represents the easier road. Executive Wisdom provides those reminders in a way that is easy to use and to refer back to as the need arises.

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