Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Employee conflict is unavoidable in any office environment, this is a fact. Even the most functional of teams will sometimes disagree or experience infighting, which can be difficult to manage.

Example: Hotel Housekeeping Staff Managers are approaching employees on their lunch break to assign tasks, discuss changes and give directions. Workers object to this (“Lunch is my time, I’m off the clock”). Some workers are shouting at managers, threatening to call the union, or altogether ignoring them. Others are listening and taking direction. Managers are frustrated, angry and sometimes shouting back. There is conflict among workers (those who object versus those who don’t) and between workers and managers. You are the director of housekeeping and need to manage this conflict.

Steps to follow to sort out conflict:

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Laura MacLeodLaura MacLeod created From The Inside Out Project® with all levels of employment in mind to assist in maintaining a harmonious workplace. Laura teaches conflict resolution, problem solving and listening skills using an innovative method that addresses the human interactive challenges.

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