Even with Advanced Messaging for Business, Nothing Trumps a Classic Conversation

The growth of alternative messaging systems for business has been remarkable. Startups like Slack reaching multi-billion dollar valuations nearly overnight and established companies like Facebook investing similar amounts into developing a platform dedicated to intra-organizational communications are fueling the drive toward new forms of communication. While these and other business messaging tools will help to reduce emails, replace meetings, and generally avoid bureaucracy all together, they can never fully replace voice interaction.

VirtualPBXIt’s Not What You Say, It’s How you Say It

[wcm_restrict]As has been widely accepted in both academic and business circles since the 1967 research conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian (“Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels,” to be exact) actually measured effective communication, only 7% of it is dependent upon the actual words used. That said, non-verbal communications including tone and inflection are part of the majority of what we use to interpret what each other really means to say, when they’re possibly using words that would suggest otherwise. This is why it’s imperative for businesses, especially those with active sales departments, to focus more on telephone communications today more than ever.

More Than Just a Number

Realizing the critical nature of telephone service for business is an essential factor, but still incomplete, part of building communications that a company can profit from. By leveraging the wide array of custom, international, and toll-free numbers available from leading VoIP service providers savvy business owners are unlocking previously unrealized gains. From true 1-800 numbers that are twice as likely to trigger action when included in an advertisement over those without a true 1-800 number to the familiarity and trust that comes from having local numbers at every new location, businesses that succeed are maximizing their communications benefits everyday. In fact, according to the Journal of Consumer Research, simply sharing information about your birthplace during a phone conversation is proven to make prospects more likely to purchase from a business.

To learn more about leveraging telephone numbers to boost referrals, using hosted voice communications to accelerate sales, or to power-up your own business telephone number, you can schedule a free personal tour with a telephone expert, today.[/wcm_restrict][wcm_nonmember]

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