Make Your Business Go Green And Save Money

As a company being aware on the certain requirements needed of you to the environment is important. Ignoring these can lead to fines and legal issues.

With so many products and services to choose from, it has never been more important to differentiate you from the competition. Going green can land you on the Greenest Companies list making you stand out from the crowd.

As a company, you want the best for the environment but you also don’t want to get sucked into a money making scheme. This guides you to being able to go green and sustain an eco-friendly business.

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Recycling paper is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of being environmentally friendly. Reducing waste is the best step into reducing the amounts of waste produced through offices and operations. However, sometimes this isn’t always possible, and you will produce an excess amount of waste if this happens, look into an environmentally conscious rubbish removal company that will be able to recycle it for you. It’s a large and crucial part of beginning the business set up.

There are easy to use methods to put into practice for you to make your business greener. Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s Greening now offer guides on what you and your staff can do together.

Equipment that isn’t in use can reduce energy by up to 25%. Computers that aren’t in use and switching off completely at the end of the day saves an extra 50%.

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article

If something doesn’t need printing then don’t unless it’s necessary. Communicate through emails and read on screen with devices instead of printing. Reducing use of fax- related paper rubbish. Start using a fax-modem as documents can be sent directly without requiring a hard copy.

waste carriers can hold more waste, think of using a commercial waste disposal. These hold more waste and are more environmentally friendly, not only this but the costs are more beneficial to the company.

Even if you’re located in a drought-stricken area, reducing water is an obvious way to saving money whilst conserving a valuable source. There is various way to reduce water usage, start by checking anything that needs fixing such as dripping taps and plumbing leaks. Instead look into low-flow toilets, another thing to consider is the use of eco-friendly hand dryers. There are plenty on the market that conserves energy by being efficient with the air usage.

If you plan on renovating the offices before you consider chucking away electrical items think about where to distribute them. Computers, monitors, tablets anything that is less than 5 years can be reused in the area by schools, other offices or charities. Be sure to check with what you can do with certain electricals before giving away.

Doing little things around the office can greatly improve the area you work in but efficiently helping on costs for your business. Over time you’ll see how they can benefit your company, you’ll also feel good knowing you and your team are working together to better the environment for years to come.

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