Tips For Managing Retail Staff Effectively

If you are a retail manager or store owner, then you’re probably already aware of the difficulties in managing staff. However, business success is dependent on doing it properly. Now you don’t need to read up on the latest management techniques. By getting the basics sorted, you will be more prepared to deal with any problems that arise.

Maintain A Professional Attitude At All Times

Everyone is human and powerful emotions can crop up during the workday. When you’re stressed out or just plain annoyed, it’s important to remember that a professional attitude is key. Losing your composure in front of team members (and even worse, customers) can make tense situations worse and lower morale.

If you are required to mediate a dispute between two staff members, then aim to be considerate of their feelings while also adding a touch of authority. Doing so will allow you to resolve the issue quickly and prevent it from cropping up again in the future.

Keep Track Of Staff Information With Excel

The simplest way to keep track of your team is to use an Excel spreadsheet. You should make sure all their information is documented accurately. Remember people’s phone numbers, availability, and other info routinely changes, so make sure you update records when necessary.

Excel is also handy for recording staff holidays and sick leave. If one of your team hasn’t shown up for duty, then you can quickly assess whether they are sick, on holiday, or are, in fact, mysteriously absent.

If your Excel knowledge is a bit dated and you can’t remember an Excel text function, then it may be time to brush up on your skills.

Watch Out For The Common Flu

During winter, the dreaded flu can strike and quickly work its way from staff member to staff member. It is that time of year when you must be prepared for a sudden overload of absences.

To minimize the spread of the virus, try and send home any staff that are showing symptoms. You don’t want your entire workforce getting sick.

Be Doubly Prepared For Christmas

Although Christmas is far away, all business owners should understand that over the holiday period, there will be, of course, increased illness.Your standard team won’t be enough to deal with this influx of customers. Be prepared to bring on new recruits and offer overtime hours to your current staff.

Christmas is the time of year when late staff and unexplained absences can cause chaos. Make it clear to your team that this is the key time to perform.

You should also tell staff to schedule leave for a different time of the year (this may be easier said than done).

Final Thoughts

Retail managers get put under a lot of pressure, and the job isn’t for everyone. However, many people can succeed in this chosen career by being organized, respectful, and determined. Remember, by paying attention to the basics, you will be able to make life easier for yourself and the staff under you. So consider incorporating some of these tips into your professional life.

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