Work, Rest, Sleep – Does It Ever End

It is nice once in a while to remember the good old days when I was a kid.

Nothing too much was expected of me, except to be cheerful, happy and get a good night’s sleep. Years went by and all the stress started to build up. School and college were still the fun part of my past.

But, after that I became a grown up. Now that’s a completely different thing.

From grownups just a few things are expected and in a nutshell it is in fact just 1 thing – work.

A word we all know too well. Work is the basics of everything we know. It pays our bills and rent. It brings food on the table. Working pays for those nice vacations and trips I like to take once or twice a year.

It seems the cycle of working and resting is a whirlpool! That’s how I see it. Just as every day we witness sunrise and sunset, we also go to work and rest.

And this goes on forever. Or it goes on at least until the weekend – then after 2 short days, back to the old routine.

Why is work such a crucial factor in our lives?

I said it already and you surely know it too. Unless I’m a celebrity or a royal heir that gets money for basically not doing much or anything, I’ll be silent and go to work daily.

Still, it is not as tragic as it seems. Maybe sometimes the media brainwashes people?

Until recently I thought work is a terrible thing to do, a horrible experience.

Well, I could be a bit wrong. Working developed me as a grownup person. Now I know the meaning of obligations. I follow a schedule and set priorities first. Not only that I saw interesting post on and they mentioned that our work energy can be effected by not sleeping on the right type of mattress.

I am aware that getting up for work will make me smile at the end of the month when I get my paycheck. I am independent and don’t ask for money. I make the money myself.

That first snooze on the alarm clock I hear doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I can walk to the kitchen blindfolded and make myself some coffee. Get dressed, wash up and go out the door.

It is a never-ending process, but a weirdly pleasant one. After some time, you’ll understand it too.

It will become a nice daily habit.

Look on the bright side – when ‘life gives you lemons’ you can always work harder to forget about the problems and get a raise at least! Grind and succeed!

You can always change something and make things easier for you

Most of us think we chose the wrong education or wrong jobs. It is somewhat true. But this shouldn’t limit you or your potentials.

At first I had a totally boring job, but it was my first job so I wanted to see how paychecks are made. I was curious to know how adults get by.

I finally understood the challenge all adults had – making ends meet with a job they dislike.

To make it even worse, those same adults surely hate their first morning coffee. They complain on sleepless nights. Then they come back home, take a nap and complain about their office hours until nighttime!

Exactly this negativity is the never-ending tragic process. If you change the thinking perspective, it is way much better – trust me!

I sip my coffee with joy, because I have it at my own home before I go to work. In the background I play my favorite music as I get dressed. At least this is 1-2 hours less negativity for the whole day right?

If you think you are so stuck in some job you dislike and don’t want that negative loop until you get old – change something!

Look for a new job. If you can’t be picky, choose the next job that seems better than the one you have.

And for once, please try to go to bed earlier. Just go ‘off grid’ with the Facebook, Twitter, Netflix or whatever.

Lack of sleep is another thing that makes all days seem gloomy and depressive. If you have sleep problems as I did, educate yourself more on sleep from sites like

Your worth is different and you feel useful not just for you

This cycle of work, resting and sleeping goes on and on. And it will keep going that way.

But, people think different of you. You are responsible. You work hard for your money. And because you do that, you can and must feel proud.

I have never met a person that is proud to be lazy and do nothing. You know what’s ‘cool’? Saying to everyone you know that you’re the one that makes the money. Boasting a little bit about what you do and how hard you work for it.

All of these things are not just about you – that’s the point. If you work and feel useful and independent, you also contribute to society. Others will benefit from what you do or will get inspired and motivated.

That’s the reason why elderly people always find something to do when retired. Look up to them. the life cycle of working and resting that goes on forever is not such a bad thing!

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