Ensure the Launch of Your App Is a Success with These Marketing Tips

A lot of people spend around six months building an app, yet they don’t even spend five per cent of this time planning the app’s launch. If you don’t spend a lot of time and effort planning the launch and your marketing efforts, your app is going to fall flat, and all of your hard work will have been pretty much wasted. So, with that being said, read on to discover some tips you can use to launch your app successfully…

Before the app goes live, use promo codes – One technique that is not used as regularly as it should be is the sharing of promo codes for an application that is not yet live, but has been improved. This enables you to invite your target audience to look at the final, app store version of your application before it has become available to anyone else. This strategy is successful because it enables press contracts especially to review the application should they want to do a piece on it before the formal launch.

Have a support system ready to go – A lot of app creators do not think about the customer support aspect of marketing. This is a massive error. While you should not just help your users because you deem it a marketing activity, you will give yourself a big marketing boost if you provide outstanding customer service, and so it does go hand in hand.

Make the most of app short links – There will be a number of vital links that you will need to share on social media and send contacts. All links are going to be very long, aside from the one for your website itself. This is why you should use a service like Bit.ly or Branch.io, the latter of which is more app-centric, to shorten and clean up your links.

Put together an app press kit – An app press kit is recommended because it makes it a lot easier for anyone to write about your application. At a minimum, this kit should include app store links, the app store description, app icon, and app store screenshots.

Use a professional service – Last but not least, if you are worried about launching your app and you do not have any experience in marketing, why not use the services of a digital marketing agency? This is a great way to benefit from the peace of mind that your app is going to be launched successfully and that effective marketing methods will be used. Not only this, but analytics will help you to understand improvements that can be made going forward.

So there you have it: some useful tips on how to make sure the launch of your app is a success. You can build the most exciting app to have ever hit the Google Play Store or the iStore, but if you do not market it properly, what’s the point?

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