Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticlePotential real estate clients are of high value. Independent real estate agents and large, well-established realty firms and businesses are equally invested in reeling in potential clients at the first chance they have. After all, the average home seller pocketed a whopping $54,000 throughout calendar year 2017, says Attom Data Solutions. This marked a 10-year high on average returns on investment of between one-fourth and three-tenths of their original investments!

As you can already tell – as if you don’t already know – the worth of a potential real estate client is nearly priceless. For this reason, combined with the long-ongoing market trend that buyers are shopping online more and more, digital marketing is of utmost importance for professionals in the real estate industry. Email is especially crucial, as 94 percent of REALTOR realty agents make offers and tend to clients’ questions via email. An astounding 96 percent of REALTORS use email on a daily basis, making the communication channel more popular than even smartphones.

Here are a handful of solid tips for all real estate agents when it comes to email marketing.

First Impressions Matter – Both In Person And In Email Subject Lines

According to iContact, a holding of tech giant Apple, roughly half of all email recipients decide to or not to open emails based on nothing but subject lines. Real estate professionals should avoid using all capital letters, excessive exclamation points, and other symbols, though they should always otherwise try to make email headers as engaging as humanly possible.

Emails Need To Be Short

Some things in life aren’t, in fact, best when kept short ‘n’ sweet. Realty-related marketing emails should generally contain all pertinent information above the fold, meaning recipients shouldn’t have to scroll down to understand the email in its entirety.

Be Consistent In Sending Emails

Nobody likes to be spammed with marketing emails, though it’s generally a good idea to send out at least five personalized, targeted emails to each active buyer on your contact list.

Email marketing for real estate agents isn’t a walk in the proverbial park to master. However, since it’s so important in today’s realty trade, all real estate professionals should strive to master the art of email marketing.

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