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You Know What A Customer Might Want, But Not Exactly

Your business should never assume to know what your customers always want. Funnelling them into a list of options that can either get the product and or service right or as close to right, is the best way to go about things. You offer customers something that is in the ballpark of what they’re looking for but you allow themselves to narrow it down further. For example, if you are an automobile company, you have set organized products. A customer might be looking for a saloon, which you have. However they want to choose what kind of engine it will have, the paint scheme, the interior, the technology and the additional accessories like a roof rack option. However, you don’t possibly know what exactly the customer wants. You can only give them options. When there are a lot of variables floating around, pricing everything they have chosen accurately takes a specific kind of process. This can be solved by a software solution but first you need to provide those options.

In the professional promotions

Think about what is a very specific order from another business? It’s always going to be their promotional gear. They want a certain color scheme, a certain style of clothing, perhaps specific designs, materials, logo placement, sizes and more. That’s why a CQB apparel configurator is something that you need to provide for businesses that want to quickly see how much their unique demands will cost. You firstly configure your products to present them the best foundations, and then after their changes and unique optional choices, you can price what the total might amount to. If they are wanting a large order and then also want their order shipped to a specific location, you can provide them with a quote for the entire purchase from start to finish. When you can provide this, businesses are more likely to be more assured that they can either afford your products or would like to change them.

The retail options

The clothing industry is looking to improve their sizing and generalized approach to their online shopping experiences. For one thing, now almost every retail clothing company has a size guide. They now provide customers with a much more accurate option to choose what kind of length and width product they want. If you are a retail clothing company then you might want to go one step further than this and provide the options of specific features. For example, the torso of a product might be 36 inches across the chest but the arms don’t have a measurement. You can provide this measurement so that the customer can make a more informed choice of what kind of size they would prefer. This is especially desired by women who want to have short tops but longer sleeves for particular street fashion outfits such as crop tops.

The more options you can provide your customers, the more likely they are to positively engage with your business. They might be teetering on the edge but thanks to your CQP software, they can accurately see what their customized product will look like and how much they will pay for it.

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